Image by Joseph Redfield Nino from Pixabay 

Our world is like a bouquet of different flowers where every individual either represents a flower or thorn depending upon one's mindset or perception about shaping one's own life. Modern society is equipped with an abundance of various information about every aspect of modern and comfortable lifestyle and ways to make it luxurious, but hardly any light is shed on the ways to improvise the quality of one's thought process. The current dilemma which is prevailing around us is indeed a mirror reflection of different thought processes which is creating friction between different ideologies, which as a result is injecting a sense of anger, lust, greed, hunger for power/money, and the tendency to exploit others. Though there have been many motivational quotes to change the mindset, unless there is a sincere initiative to ignite the passion for change from within, till then the essence of humanity will be a prisoner of its negativity and the mind will fall prey to its perverted mindset and logic of perception. Which will be harmful to all entire mankind. It's only a matter of giving an honest initiative to change our thoughts and every problem around the world will walk its path towards a solution.

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