Photo by Steve Halama on Unsplash

Human perception about every aspect or phase of life depends upon the logic of direct perception depending upon the variety of different experiences an individual faces as per time, place and circumstances. Many of those perception is instrumental to develop and shape a certain mindset which is portrayed in one’s character. The character which gets moulded in this basis is the foundation in which every individual has either a conception or misconception about   various phases or experience in life. The intensity of various perception in life and its events solely depends upon different factors and how we perceive them.

As it is known that in human life there are many such events starting from birth, death, marriage etc. To make these events meaningful and to express gratitude different religions have their own ways . But it depends upon an individual about how one can learn from it and take a positive essence out of it. There are a certain section of people who are happy regarding the birth of a child but the twist in it is that they condemn the birth of a girl child. Hardly do they realise that every single child born irrespective of their gender has an individuality and has the right to exist as per the law of nature. No one has the right to determine and cause harm in any way to them in a personal or in a professional manner. As the child grows there are chances of them facing discrimination depending upon their socio economic background and educational background never realising the potentiality of every single child that is growing up. As a result they are subject to emotional and psychological harassment which results in a wrong way in their growing up years.

As they enter adulthood, time comes for them to establish themselves in professional field where the same old story is repeated in a professional manner. As the time for marriage approaches and they tie the knot, it comes with an expectation according to the perception and needs of spouse. Any deviation from the track of spouses expectation can pave the path for a bitter experience in a so called matrimonial life.

Moreover , after so many factors and the effort to satisfy the needs of others and proving one self as per the criteria set by others within the frame of their “ perception “ can cultivate a sense of frustration and lead an individual to forget the real meaning and essence of life. It can put a prominent question mark on the existence and the individuality of the sufferer. Still, few people comment that life is not a bed of roses. The question here is how can life be bed of roses when the mindset and perception of life is filled with thorns of hatred, unjust expectations, lust, envy, pride and the tendency to exploit others in the name of being progressing towards a better life? It is high time that the intensity of mindset needs to be diverted towards the path of positivity so that the darkness of hatred, lust, envy, pride and the tendency of exploitation in the name of money, status and beauty is dispelled and the world can be like a bouquet of flower where there is space for every individual to spread the fragrance of love and equality everywhere beyond any boundaries.