Image by Patrizia08 from Pixabay 

Every form of life has a meaning and purpose for every living entity. We all as living beings are bound to journey through life within the framework of nature’s law. However, we as humans being the most advanced version of nature’s creation are blessed with higher intellect and the ability to explore the unknown for the welfare of everyone. Since the dawn of civilization human society is being empowered with knowledge of self and nature which had been essential for elevating the intellectual capability of everyone. But the flow of time has bought us to a threshold where there is a state of confusion and dilemma to know the difference between a practical approach towards life and materialistic paraphernalia. The reflection of such confusion is prevalent in our modern society, where there is an aura of hypocrisy, elevated ego, false pride, urge to satisfy the senses or lust, and the never-ending effort to gain money, power, and fame more than required. The concept of being content, being happy and acknowledging the Divinity in every being, and learning to be truthful with oneself has taken a back seat and are also being regarded as backdated or the height of rigidity. In recent times we have come to know about many such instances which are bound to raise a question about the purpose of our existence. In modern times, we need to understand that education is necessary for all but if it is not utilized for the welfare of others or it doesn’t make us a better person then the whole concept of being educated is in question. It’s really necessary in today’s fast-moving world to realize the fact that every experience is an outcome of our action, and every action is an outcome of our thought. So to have a good experience we need to have a sound and mature mind which is trained to refrain from any sort of negativity that can harm us and our environment. Money, Fame, or Social Status can be good for an individual if it is earned with a good and pure intention and utilized for making the world a happier and healthier place for the next generation. 

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