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Humans have the skills and equipment to overpower all other animals on earth. But does that mean we have the right to exploit other living beings just for pleasure, money, and unnecessary products?

Numerous ways and means of cruelty to animals

Being aware of the fact that animals have been treated by us as if they have no feelings. They are mere property of us once we possess them. We can beat them, use them for work, extract their product, and do anything we want to.

Billions of animals are killed, injured, and mutilated by us every year. Some do it for getting something out of it, and others do it for fun. Animals provide so many valuable and useful things. There is nothing wrong with domesticating livestock for their products as long as they are treated humanely. But what is cruel is mistreating, neglecting, and causing them unnecessary suffering like withholding food and water, beating, and so on.

Abandonment of pets and livestock is a serious issue all over the world. India tops the list of pet relinquishment among all the nations. Millions of domesticated animals are abandoned every year by their owners due to various reasons like old age, time deficiency, space problems, etc. Those abandoned pets face many difficulties due to their inability to survive on the streets and meet terrible death with different illnesses and injuries.

Drug and cosmetic industries use animals for testing their products. They assess the severity of their products on animals. In the process, either those innocent creatures die or face mutilation.

Abuse happens even as a cultural activity. Animals have been bullied and sacrificed by us for centuries. Jalikattu is one such event where bull-taming is done as a sports activity during the Pongal festival in Tamil Nadu. Animals are also an easy target for some brutal people who love to hurt and kill others. They do so without any reason and animals are most vulnerable to them.

Illegal events are held, namely, dogfighting and cockfighting in many parts of the world for entertainment and gambling purposes. Two dogs/ cocks are made to fight with each other. These events are held in secrecy as they are strictly banned all over the world. The entertainment industry does not spare them their free life either. That is why plentiful zoos and circuses are open to engaging animals in pleasing humans.

Elephants' ivory is utilized for unnecessary things like jewelry. They are killed for their single part to be used in ornaments and games. It is banned by the government everywhere yet poachers illegally hunt elephants for trading ivory. In the same way, Oysters are killed to extract pearls. Insects are targeted to create live jewelry pieces. Beetle brooches have been famous for centuries. Alive beetles are studded with gems and stones and are attached to a pin to create stunning brooch pieces.

Moreover, as we know, there is a high demand for meat with insufficient land. So, animals are raised on factory farms in vicious ways by inflicting suffering like mutilating some parts, treating with antibiotics, and keeping them in congested areas. Animals require a lot of space but due to high meat demand, it is impossible to allocate them sufficient space. Thus from birth to the slaughtering moment, their life is full of pain and misery.

These innocent creatures are abused in indefinite numbers and in ways that cannot even be expressed in one go. However, it is sure that we are utilizing our power to misuse almost every animal on earth, from insects to whales.

Adverse Impacts of animal cruelty on the ecosystems, climate, and humans

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To be kind and humane toward animals does not serve only them but every living being on earth. Since our ecosystems are built up on the contribution of all living creatures. Destroying animals leads to the dismantling of the planet, ecosystems, environment, and humans.

Over the decades, animal consumption and utilization have extended by multiple times. Additionally, we, humans, are covering 36 biodiversity hotspots. Due to our interference in these most biologically rich regions, some animals are about to go extinct. Deforestation and water pollution are making wildlife deprived of food and clean water. Overgrazing by cattle and other livestock animals is causing soil erosion and the extinction of some plant species. So, if we exploit biodiversity this way, our ecosystems will soon be in danger.

Elephants that are killed by poachers play a highly crucial role in upgrading the ecosystem for all creatures. They spread tree seedlings over vast areas, dense the land to make space for other creatures to live, and do many more crucial things for the ecosystems. So, our planet is facing a lot of tragedy with the fall of its population.

Food production, especially animal husbandry, releases greenhouse gasses that are harmful to the planet and the environment. It impacts climate conditions such as extremely hot weather, fierce storms, and rising sea levels. Resources, like water and land, are being wasted in raising excessive amounts of livestock to be slaughtered for consumption.

Animal farming occupies a lot of space as well. The feed grown for them covers a large part of the agricultural land. In the case of America, it is about one-third. According to studies, around 75% of land utilization in food production can be dropped if we stop undertaking animal farming. That land can be utilized for reforestation and setting up wildlife sanctuaries that further help in reducing greenhouse gasses.

The way animals suffer in factory farms impacts our lives as well. They face physical as well as emotional abuse on factory farms. And when we consume them, those emotions and diseases transfer to us automatically. Studies show that consuming meat makes humans more prone to diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and other chronic diseases. Millions of people are dying every year due to their obsession with meat.

And as we know, any sort of catastrophe to the ecosystems and climate threatens our life as well. Animals play a prime role in balancing the environment and ecosystems. So, we must preserve animals to save the planet

Now scroll down to find how we can contribute to safeguarding these innocent animals

Generally, most of us do not see harming and killing animals as a criminal offense. So, it is convenient for some wicked people to abuse animals even in front of the public. Though, laws and welfare institutes are working to protect and rehabilitate the animals if met with any such tragedy. Many people have gathered to start rescue programs for wildlife and domestic animals. Still, Laws are not as strict as they should be and they are incapable of saving most of the suffering animals.

Here, you can see, that change is required both at an individual and authoritarian level. We surely cannot do anything about the rules, that are in the hands of the government. Also, we cannot possibly abolish all the cruelty against them as the whole world cannot be vegan and our lives are dependent on them to some extent. But, we can make a big difference by contributing from our side.

First and foremost, start treating animals humanely if you are not doing so. Though, some street animals like dogs may seem aggressive towards you when you encounter them. But it is only due to their fear or bad experiences with humans in the past. So, do not contribute to making them more aggressive and unfriendly by attacking them.

We can reduce our meat intake or abandon it totally, if possible, by choosing a vegetarian or vegan diet. Buy meat from individual farms instead of factory one's so we can choose less suffering for the animals.

Help any unowned creature by offering food and water. We can feed insects, aerial, aquatic, and street animals. In some religions, it is already cultural to cater to some particular creatures.

We can adopt street dogs, cats, or any other animal instead of buying from pet shops or home breeders. There are many animal welfare institutes from where you can get abandoned or street animals. Even if you buy any breed animal from a pet shop or home breeders, taking their full responsibility is required from adoption to old age until death.

Convince anybody, who is about to harm an animal, not to do so. Complaint against people who are found guilty of doing any criminal offense against animals.

This is how we can reduce their suffering and there are many more possible ways. Just make a knot to not use them for money, pleasure, entertainment, or unnecessary products.

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