An impression of sun's shafts fell straight upon the petal of a red flower present on a bombax tree, it shone so splendidly that it was hard for the watchers to focus in on it, the radiance it held was anyway gotten from sun yet it seemed like the bloom obtained it from beginning. It seemed like it wasn't ready to leave behind it's glimmer, sun out of misery disguised itself behind the cloud, the sprout lost the sparkle and planned to drop itself down yet someone pulled it back, it was the mitigating wind which constrained the bloom to move alongside it, soon the blossom failed to remember it torment and began following the beat of the music played by the breeze and consequently offered fragrance to the breeze yet again the bloom didn't had any desire to return the breeze caught in its petals yet wind needed to leave as the pressing factor in that space was neutralized again it isolated the blossom and it pushed a step ahead to drop itself down yet postponed soon the storm started and the drops fell on the petals of bloom it was resuscitating so much that the bloom decided not to return back the drops, strangely something stayed with the bloom and not left it and nor it will without a doubt return it, yet the drops assembled on the petals was significant to the point that it made the sprout break from the petiole. The bloom dropped on the ground, as of now, the sun battled against famous misfortune the fogs close by the rainbow and searched for the bloom as by and by sun was ready to impart its bars to the sprout at this point seeing the sprout on the ground made him hopeless. 

Soon a sparrow passing by the tree spotted an optimal spot for its home on top piece of the tree and decided to take the petals fallen on the ground to make its nest, so now again independently those petals were incorporated in a knot again on a comparative top branch yet what makes a difference was this time the sprout couldn't shimmer, couldn't move in the breeze and couldn't keep the drops with itself, and specifically the red concealing which was its strength was lost the sun was attentively seeing everything. So it decided to fulfill the bloom so it decided to set itself fairly early by causing the sky to become reddish, the petals looked toward the sky and smiled considering the way that now the red sky considered the petals and as of now the petal shone red, presently the redness which it previously had satisfied it now it would not like to keep the sun's appearance.

.   .   .