Image by Foundry Co from Pixabay 

Dogs are truly man's best friend. They are loyal, and faithful and they stand by your side, no matter what. But will humans ever understand this? I suppose, Never!

This story is about a dog named Tommy who was loved by one and all. He was loved by his entire family and Tommy used to play, love and care for them. For him, this family was his whole world. As time passed by, they became best friends.

But as the kids in the family grew, they got bored with Tommy. So they brought a new dog which was costly and of a superior breed. Gradually Tommy got neglected. No one used to play with him. He became all alone. His life became worse when they stopped caring for him. Still, his love for them never reduced a bit.

Suddenly one day, the unthinkable happened. His family planned to sell him as he was no more needed for them. His heart was completely broken. He couldn't believe this. He thought how could someone be so cruel? He had dedicated his whole life for them and when he needed them the most, they just sold him to a rich person for money.

In his new home, he spent the remaining part of his life, thinking about the good times but his heart could never overcome the pain that was inflicted upon him. Sadly, Tommy couldn't adjust to his new owner, didn't eat food, and gradually became weak. He was depressed and finally died a painful death. So this story is dedicated to all those Tommies whose Masters betrayed them and left them when their need got over. Always remember, "For you, your dog may only be a pet, but for them, you are their whole world"

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