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Some journeys do not have endings or starting, some journeys are not planned but they are the happiest ones but sometimes a little disappointing.

This journey began on July 9, 2003, when he heard the cry standing outside the operation theatre and this lady in the white coat came out to tell him, the news. The news that was the best news he ever thought of, he ever imagined or ever expected. This man when heard to the news the lady in the white coat told her that this man in a plain blue lining shirt who was waiting for that one news has come live.

It's his daughter, yes the lady delivered the mess that this man is blessed with a baby girl and he is the dad of this little girl. His happiness reached its peak after hearing to what the white coat lady said. He did not know how to express his feelings and emotions but he knew that his little girl whom he haven't seen yet will be wearing the white coat too and delivering great news to all other fathers when she grow into a lady. That day was the biggest day in his life, he wanted to express his happiness only if it wasn't raining he would have gone to take the sweets his mother told him but he knew some happy moments can't be stopped just because of that rain, he ran out in that rain with barely a lot of money in his hands but he wanted the whole hospital staff to feel his happiness. 

When that little girl started growing up, she started distancing herself from him not because they started having clashes but only because her age drifted her apart but the love never changed. He wasn't good at expressing and so was she, she grew up exactly how this man's dad and she didn't know how to express her love for her 'best man', but one thing she knew was that she wanted to be the last person she wanted to disappoint, the last person he would get upset of but who knew the time would play along her and she would be the first person to disappoint him and once again the reason for the tears in his eyes. 

First, they were of joy when she came to this world but secondly when he had tears because of the disappointment she gave him was heartbreaking, the tears she never wanted to see, never wanted to give, never expected to be a part of.

But one thing that didn't change again, was the love.

And she knows that one day she will bring back those 'tears of joy.' 

May not make those disappointed tears disappear but maybe those tears of joy she wants to give to her "BEST MAN" are worth everything.

Only if one day she can express how important he is to her.

.    .    .