Color is bliss! India in February and March is so vibrant, while the weather shines at its best, festivities and positive vibes begin pouring in. The fudgy winter makes way for the chirpy spring, and Holi vibes begin to permeate in the air around. While celebrations with colors remain constant, places across North India go celebrate rituals and traditions around Holi, thanks to the legends and stories. Rajasthani Holi is different and celebrates quite a few different rituals from what people mostly celebrate in Delhi, UP, and Bihar in North India.

Apart from the sumptuous display of colors, the rituals and customs around Holi make a notable attraction in Rajasthan. Be it treating yourself to the signature Holi drinks like bhang chach, lassi, kairi ka paani, and thandai or feasting on authentic Holi cuisines like paneer launglatta, mirchi papad, ker sengar, gatte ki sabzi and pakodi wali kadi, Rajasthani Holi has a platterful of offerings to match your taste buds. But it’s the stories, customs, and traditions from centuries ago that make Holi in Rajasthan so interesting.

6 Major Events of Rajasthani Holi

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1) Mali Holi - Ajmer

A popular way of celebrating Holi in Mali community, the celebration of Mali Holi is characterized by the tradition of men splitting color on women who then respond to men by hitting them with bamboo or a stick.

The custom marks brotherhood and bonhomie. It also brings brotherhood and unity among the folks. The fact that the entire city, people, and even the cattle are colored in one tone makes it a wonderful spectacle. Rajasthan is the place to delve deeper into the festivities.

2) Gari Holi - Ajmer

Amidst the shower of gulaal, Rajasthan gears up to celebrate Gair Holi, which is celebrated in the adjoining places near Ajmer. Men from nearby villages, as many as 12 villages, come together and celebrate Holi accompanied by drums, musical instruments, and excitement everywhere around.

The influence of Bhang and Thandai and other sweet delicacies only propel the celebration of the glorious festival in full throttle. Drummers and troupes gather in Godaji Village near Ajmer. As music and beats of drum mark the celebration, the ecstatic face and glee can be felt in everywhere around.

Gair Holi date: 19th March, 2022

3) Dlochi Holi - Bikaner

Believed to be an ancient tradition of Holi celebration, this one dates back 300 years back. Dolchi Holi follows a custom in which men throw water on other men in a vessel called Dolchi – made from camel skin. Quite interestingly, this tradition started with a dispute between two communities. The reason for the dispute, it is believed, was over food.

Men from different communities started throwing water at each other to find a seek resolutely and this gradually became a practice and later an important tradition. The Holi is specifically played by men while women and children only look over.

Dolchi Holi date: 19th March, 2022

4) Brij Holi - Bharatpur

Celebrated primarily in Brij region in Bharatpur which was founded in the earlier 18th century by Raja Surajmal, Brij Holi is a big Holi celebration that precedes the festival. The grandeur and opulence of this festival celebrated in March are noteworthy. Lord Krishna is worshipped during the festival and various dance and stage shows are organized.

The Raslila dance by men and women dressed as Krishna and Gopis is the highlight of the festival. There is an atmosphere of glee and the spirit of the festival can be felt everywhere around. A holy dip in the Banganga river is the most auspicious thing to do as it is believed to cleanse your soul.

Brij Holi date: 18th March, 2022

5) Dhulandi Holi – Jaipur

Dhulandi marks the end of Winter and the beginning of Spring but the legend has another tale associated with it. And it’s about Krishna turning blue after drinking the demon’s milk. It was only after his mother Yashoda suggested him to color Radha into the same color that he found the perfect solace and ever since then Holi is celebrated to commemorate the event. During the festival, temples all around are decorated and the entire Braj can be seen basking in a Myriad of colors. Dhulandi Holi, primarily celebrated in Jaipur, exhibits the true essence of Rajasthani Holi.

Special arrangements are made at the luxury hotels like Khasa Kothi Hotel that have special arrangements for foreign tourists. The traditional food, cultural events, and folk songs make the highlight of such events.

Dhulandi Holi date: 18th March, 2022

6) The Royal Holi Celebrations – Across Rajasthan

Rajasthani Holi can be seen at its glorious best in the city of Royals, Rajasthan holds the distinction of being a reputed place for the Royals from the time unknown. Experience Rajasthani Holi the royal way. From their attire to cultural programmes to the affluent display of the grandeur they inherit, the royal families celebrate Holi in Rajasthan in the most eloquent way. The way they mix up with the locals and enjoy the festivities indeed make for an incredible spectacle. Udaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Ranthambore, and Pushkar are some of the places where you can celebrate the best of royal Holi in Rajasthan.

Jaisalmer Desert Festival 2022

Jaisalmer Desert Festival is one of the most popular and colorful cultural events of Rajasthan, which is visited by quite a number of tourists. It is the best platform to portray the state’s culture and traditions through dance, music, and other art forms. Read on to know more about this amazing festival

Jaisalmer Desert Festival Dates: It is an annual winter event that is organized for 3 days by the Rajasthan Tourism Department. The upcoming Jaisalmer Desert Festival is from 14th -16th February 2022.

Jaisalmer Desert Festival Location: Spectacular dunes of the Thar Desert in the Sam Dunes, 42 km from the main city of Jaisalmer.

Things To Do During Jaisalmer Desert Festival:

Image by Mac Renya from Pixabay 

1) Enjoy Cultural Extravaganza:

Jaisalmer Desert Festival is all about fun and excitement. One can enjoy vibrant puppet shows, folk music and dance, camel races, camel polo matches, tug of war, juggling events, turban tying, and the longest mustache competition. Participants wear colorful traditional attires and display the best of Rajasthani folk culture and traditions. Presentation of Gair dance forms and folk fire dances are an added attraction of the Jaisalmer Desert feast. There is a unique competition for men by the name Maru Sri or Mr. Desert Pageant, which attracts locals as well as international travelers. There are plenty of stalls selling handicrafts and local knick-knacks and many food stalls serving the best authentic local food.

2) Dune Bashing:

If you are fond of adventure and thrill, go for dune bashing in the Thar Desert. The stunning topography of the dunes is perfect for off-roading adventure and bashing. Hire a sturdy sport utility vehicle and bash the dunes with full grit and endurance. This is a highly adventurous activity and requires professional driving and maneuvering skills hence it is always done under strict expert guidance. If you are keen on this adventure; do try paramotoring, parasailing, and quad biking in the Thar Desert and experience an adrenaline rush like never before.

3) Jaisalmer City Tour:

With so many attractions to see and explore; one can enjoy a fun-filled Jaisalmer city tour during one of the days of the Jaisalmer Desert Festival. Along with the Golden Fort which is the main attraction, Jaisalmer is blessed with a fairly large number of forts, palaces, temples, Havelis, and a lake that never disappoints any traveler.

4) Desert Safari:

If you have plans to enjoy three days at the Jaisalmer Desert fair, take out some time to enjoy a thrilling safari at the Thar Desert. Enjoy a camel ride far away into the desert and on the way admire the stunning landscape. You can even stay overnight in the luxury desert camps and make the safari worth every aspect.

5) Shopping:

Leaving Jaisalmer without any shopping is a sin. Pick the best of local handicrafts, dresses, knick-knacks, room décor, locally made leather stuff, bags, footwear, puppets, pieces of jewelry made of precious and semi-precious stones and most importantly souvenirs made from yellow sandstone. Popular markets to explore for a hearty retail therapy are Bhatia Bazaar, Pansari Bazaar, Manak Chowk and Sadar Bazaar.

Jaisalmer Desert Festival: Places To Stay

Jaisalmer Desert Festival is organized in the dunes and one can enjoy a wide array of facilities and amenities. From well-appointed luxury tents, room heaters, and en-suite restrooms, to round-the-clock supply of hot water and super prompt service- Jaisalmer Desert Festival has everything one can ask for.

Ideally one should stay at any of the luxury desert camps in Sam Dunes to enjoy the Jaisalmer Desert Feast to the fullest. The best camping facilities are offered by:

  • Sam Sand Dunes Desert Safari Camp
  • Jaisalmer Desert Safari Camp
  • Vinayak Desert Camp
  • Le Royal Camp
  • Desert Dream Royal Camp
  • Prince Desert Camp

If you wish to stay in the main city, many hotels and resorts offer ultimate comfort and luxury and the best of services and offer shuttle service to the fairground. Book your stay at one of these places: Jaisalmer Marriott Resort and Spa, Hotel Pleasant Haveli, Mystic Jaisalmer, Hotel Jaisalkot, Nachna Haveli, or Welcome Heritage Mandir Palace.

Jaisalmer Desert Festival Tips:

  1. Jaisalmer Desert Festival is flocked by people from all over the world. Book your tickets and hotels well in advance.
  2. Carry adequate woolens as the temperature drops sharply after sunset in the desert.
  3. Do not forget to bargain and get the best price while buying something from local shops.
  4. Beware of touts as everything is organized by the Rajasthan Department of Tourism.

Mount Abu Summer Festival 2022

Imbued with tradition and rituals, the Mount Abu Summer Festival is an annual celebration of the cultural and tribal identity of Rajasthan. It is one of the most popular festivals of Rajasthan. This cultural extravaganza is a collaborative effort by Rajasthan Tourism, Municipal Board, and Mount Abu and District Administration. It brings to the fore the warm hospitality and cheerfulness of locals. The lively culture and exotic location make this event an unforgettable experience. The festival is replete with boat races, ballads, folk dances, competitions, and fireworks.

Mount Abu Summer Festival 2022 Dates:

This year, the two-day Summer Festival in Mount Abu, Rajasthan will be celebrated on the 17th and 18th of May. It is held every year during Buddha Purnima and is celebrated with great fervor among Hindus and Buddhists. The Indian summer typically begins in March and lasts until June. Having said that, Mount Abu in May is not very hot. It is a year-round destination. The temperature in Mount Abu ranges from a minimum of 23°C to a maximum of 30°C. The days are pleasant and nights are generally cool.

Highlights Of Mount Abu Summer Festival:

Image by HTO India from Pixabay

1. Ballad Singing:

Rajasthani folk music is a treat for your ears. The musicians at Summer Festival in Mount Abu, India take pride in singing ballads of forgotten heroes like Devnarayan Bhagwan, Gogaji, Ramdeoji, Pabuji, and Tejaji. The songs may vary according to the season unfolding in Rajasthan as the celebration of changing seasons is also central to folk music here.

2. Folk Dance:

Among the folk dances performed at Mount Abu Summer Festival, Ghoomar is the most popular. Ghoomar is a quintessentially Rajasthani folk dance. It is performed by an all-women crew. The women wear traditional outfit, which is ghagra and Kanchi or Choli. The coordinated movements and the upbeat music leave the spectators mesmerized.

3. Boat Race:

The Boat Race at Nakki Lake carries mythical importance. If legend is to be believed, the Gods formed the lake bed by digging it with their fingernails. Nails are called Nakh in the Hindi language, hence the name Nakki Lake. A vast majority of the locals participate in the boat race. To get yourself registered, reach the venue in advance and dress as per the activity.

4. Competitive Events:

The second day of the Mount Abu Summer Festival attracts more crowds than the first because various competitive events are organised throughout the course of the day. Skating Race, Horse Race, Tug of War and Panihari Matka Race arouses a sense of competitiveness and boisterous enthusiasm in all the participants. Make sure to participate in at least one of the events.

5) CRPF Band Show:

The CRPF Band performance is popular among locals and tourists alike. It is an integral part of the Summer Festival in Mount Abu, Rajasthan. The band show gives a chance to all of its ranks to participate and display their musical talents. Every year, the performance is no less than enthralling.

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