A Good leader always follows rules and regulations to maintain discipline in the country and take the country to heights. Our political leaders will know our priorities only if we tell them again and again so that they can understand them and the best way to inform us about our needs is through polls. In this democratic world, a government that is democratic with high officials is said to be the best kind of government. It is the responsibility of every citizen of the country to take an active part where they can get the chance to choose their government. The candidate whom the people choose is through elections. Therefore, we need to see how elections play a pivotal role in a democracy. The party which achieve the highest votes in the election got the chance to act as a government for the next term. Elections from the basis of democracy. They are paramount as they help the denizens get a chance to contest the election. It allows people to get a fair chance to work for their nation and make a brighter future. Moreover, it also ensures that the person who is going to be a part of high authorities without discrimination. There is no discrimination based on caste, religion, color, creed, sex, or more. Most importantly, elections entrust a big responsibility to the shoulders of citizens.

The nomination of a candidate is also an important characteristic of the election. Nomination refers to the process of selecting a person, a chandi for election to a public office. Furthermore, endorsements are public statements to support a candidate's nomination. Another essential characteristic of an election is the electoral system. The electoral system refers to the detailed functioning of various voting systems. As a resume of this, this constitutional arrangement and voting process convert the vote into a political decision.

An election campaign is also an integral part of the election. An election campaign refers to an organized effort to positively influence the decision-making of a particular group.

Another predominant relevance in this context is that suffrage. Suffrage is an important part of the election. Most noteworthy, it refers to the heights to vote in the election. It gives the right to the public to overcome from there hesitations and vote to select a suitable candidate to rule the country. Almost all countries in the world prohibit individuals under the age of majority from voting. For instance, in India, people who are the age of 18 years have the right to vote. An election is an excellent opportunity for people to express their resentment. For example, if the public is unhappy with a particular leadership, then they can remove it from power. People can certainly replace an undesirous leadership with a better alternative through elections. Consequently, policies and elections both play an important role in today's world. A good representative can guide better to the public regarding the difference between good and bad. If there is a good leader in the country to lead the people properly, then there is no one remaining unemployed, everyone can gain a lot of achievements in his or her life. They got a job in any field and enjoy their life with a handsome salary. No one remains corrupt. All the black money will be taken out from the people who made a big store to store that money and all this is possible only if there is a trustworthy, honorable, and intelligent leader in the country. Election helps to keep the power of political leaders in check. The ruling parties cannot afford to do any wrongdoing to the public due to the risk of losing the election. Hence, an election serves as an efficient power check and control for those in the ruling power. To sum it up, the election is a symbol of political freedom. It is the tool that puts authority in the hands of common people. Democracy certainly would be nonfunctional without it. People must realize the value of elections and vote in large numbers. If there is a good leader, then, India is great if India is great then the people of India are well educated as well as great and India will be on great heights in terms of the education sector, Industrial sector, medical sector, and more.


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