Image by Pexels from Pixabay 

The universe we live in is really vast and full of living creatures to ponder. Every living being is dependent on one another, which maintains a balanced ecosystem. By just looking around, we find a lot of eye-catching animals almost with crystal-like eyes. Some may have rightful owners, some have gone extinct, but some are still wandering around, yet to receive an abundance of love and affection.

"There they are with earnest eyes, yet humanity overlooked them!"

We are quite caught up in our own work and amusement, that we have almost forgotten to care for other species and the feelings they carry on while living on with a burden. 

What is the difference between them and us anyway? We are humans, and they are animals with furred skin. They too have emotions and dejected moments that they feel when abandoned. They too deserve love and affection, waiting to be loved and loved again. 

On the other hand, there are animals which need protection and utmost care in this cruel reality. They undergo various circumstances, which actually lead to their extinction. Some of the unavoidable reasons for their extinction are:

  • Change in climatic conditions like humidity, pressure, coldness, temperature, etc.
  • Global warming
  • Pollution
  • Poaching of wildlife 
  • Basic necessities to live
  • Being abandoned for no reason
  • Not being adapted to the environment they live.

We have a stable habitat to live in. Similarly, animals also should be given equal rights to live in this world, where all can live comfortably, depending on each other, by lending and giving.

It is not necessary to find a shelter always, even a slight thing like offering food could bring a big change in animals' lives. We can also be indulged in decreasing pollution, by growing plants, and keeping the environment clean and hygienic- we can always create a suitable environment for homeless animals to live in. 

"Commencing with a small deed, always ends up being a successful moment to ponder."

Why can't we be more affectionate towards wild animals? Just because they are enormous in size, it doesn't differentiate them from other pets like cats and dogs. If we can't really do anything like looking after them, we can at least create an environment with good condition and well-being of that particular animal. People tend to think countless times when they are about to do a really crucial thing in their life, but why it isn't the same in the case of animals? Look more deeply and think accurately, they too have their significance, characteristics, and features which make them to deserve more space and love better than us. This is not a world where only humans look out for each other. But, an infinite unity of beings where everyone looks out for each other at all times, even if the circumference doesn't pertain sometimes. 

Remember, a mind which saves a being can give lead to thousands of minds later. 

Let's create a world where everyone can walk together, enjoy and create memories with other species too. Even if it is just a post sharing in your account, it is going to make a greater impact later. 

"Everything may seem difficult at first, but later on it is going to be a better place for other species!" It might be perplexing where to start or how to do good deeds for animals, but in this case, you can follow the lead of your heart for better answers.

Go on, I am sure every human being is capable of giving and receiving love. It's just we are blindfolded by our desires and workload that even a slight thing regarding animals seems irritating and least to care.

The world we live in, belong to every specie. We yearn for something so desperately, and they too have things they yearn for. So why then, separate ourselves or keep our distance from animals? After all, love towards them, makes them 'Animals to love' wholeheartedly. Live on and make other species also live! Just think, feel and commence doing optimistically.

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