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In a world where self-respect is everything to beings, individuals address only one above it, which is or tr belief. If someone is disrespected personally, quarrels, and a lot of disputes take place, then how the derogatory remarks on the most respected Prophet of the world's 2nd most populous religion, India's largest minority, can be tolerated by its believers, known as Muslims? The questions are in rows. What are protest demonstrations in the so-called secular, sovereign, and democratic countries defending their beliefs, demanding constitutional principles of valuing every culture, belief, and religion of an individual in the country? Is it a crime to get shot dead? Is protesting against the ruling party’s spokespersons eviler crime than rape? Because a rapist in India, mostly, gets bail where a protester gets either shot dead or is compensated by house-razing.

Akbar Allahabadi, a very popular poet of his reign, had once said, “HUM AAH BHI KARTE HAI TO HO JAATE HAI BADNAM; WOH QATAL BHI KARTE HAIN TO CHARCHA NAHI HOTA”, which means: even if we sigh, we become notorious; and there is no discussion, even if they kill.

The world, as we see it nowadays, stands on beliefs, ethics, and cultures. Hurting others by making remarks, insulting ones, on their religious dignitary is constitutionally prohibited as of article 19 A. In such circumstances, a patriot Indian will follow by abiding by the Indian constitutional non–violence way to protest, which is part of the fundamental freedom of speech. So were the victims in Jharkhand. 2 Muslim youths namely Mubashir and Sahil. None of them were more than 20s. There are a lot of cases, some are casually advertised by the media and some get buried. Another incident was a coincidence that Muhammed Javed, an activist from Allahabad, alleged to be the lead role in the protest over prophet remarks on Friday been incarcerated then, and his house gets bulldozed just after a day on Sunday, claiming the house was built illegally.

The story, behind it, not so far, commenced with the derogatory remarks made by Nupur Sharma and Naveen Jindal, BJP spokespersons, on the Muslims’ most beloved one, the prophet Muhammed PBUH. The whole Islamic world reacted furiously against it, so the Muslims in India reacted peacefully utilizing the protest, a Gandhian non-violent way of demonstrating their anger and resentful sentiments. Meanwhile, the governing body of India had to stand with the constitution, if it cannot stand with Muslims, it nefariously agreed to consider the laws of the constitution over their own, which wreaked a lot of vengeance.

In other words, if the ruling party is tending to evacuate the protest policy by pressurizing the protesters by imprisoning, razing houses, and shooting in public they are provoking civil wars in the name of pseudo-democracy. The uprising animosity of Sanghis with the loyal support of BJP toward India's largest minority, and the less discussed tyranny of government on the community would be enough to give high chances to civil wars, which notoriously diminish the values of the country and detracted the earned privileges of a nation. Consequent to this, the well-erected India of Gandhi, Nehru, Patel, and Kalam will no longer be a sign of true unity in diversity.

It's never ended with such incidents, but the UP government had shown spectacular action by their bull-dozer scheme for dissenting voices against their cruelty and discriminatory activities. Because, as in NCERT we have studied, "tyranny of the majority is not just oppressive for the minority; it often ruins the majority as well".

Now it's a matter of grave concern for the nation, population, and its intermediaries to tackle the uprising dilemmas. The future is in our hands till 2024, once the public loosens the responsibility of electing the best to lead, the circumstances will be out of control. We hope and believe in the public power of democracy and remain the public rationale and interest. 

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