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Women are respected members of society. Women are sacred to society. Their honor and sanctity lie in their modesty and chastity. Honors mean great respect for somebody, that realizes only when she covers her own and hide her body preventing herself from evil eyes. For that, a WOMAN never needs a full black dress covering herself looking like a ghost! Rather she must give her best to protect herself selfless especially in public between prohibited, self-modesty and honor from devils everywhere, by covering her body from head to legs except the face and parts of her hands as needed, that is the Islamic code of Hijab, the notoriously objected and blamed by pseudo-humanists in secular countries.

The most dependent Islamic source; Quran proclaims in Surah Noor: “Say to the believing men, that; they should east down their glances and guard their private parts (by being chaste)”. This is better for them. (Al-Quran, 24:30).

HIJAB, which is humorously known as a black suit of Muslim women is a sort of false notion. Not withstanding the point that the “Black suit” covers the whole body part of the Hijab, not the whole Hijab itself. Clarification of widespread notion is possible when it’s checked consciously and understood actually, that is Hijab means covering private parts and adornments in order to maintain modesty in all respect of life.

Maintaining modesty and covering the body outside the house is mandatory for the true believers. Now the series of questions arrive on Islam, that “Islam is barbarian racist religion dissuade women the community”, from prosperity and self-empowerment by suffocating them behind the walls and veils and conclude with very ostensible statement “Islam is oppressing on women by relucting them descending in Academic fields!” This issue has converted a bunch of Muslims, especially less aware ones of Islamic superiority in addressing the canons.

Qur’an, the Islamic Noble book, asserts the duty of the Hijab to initiate the 1st step of modesty,

“And say to believing women that they should lower their gaze and guard their modesty; that they should not display their beauty and ornaments except what (must ordinarily) appear there of; that they should draw their veils over their bosoms and not display their beauty" (Qur’an 24:30-31)

It’s apparent by this verse that the way one can keep modesty is to ……..veil on all private parts simultaneously her whole body except what appears ordinarily for need fully like palms, and face. But why should women should do so> that answer is too elaborated by Qur’an
(……..And that they should not strike their feet in order to draw attention to their hidden ornaments.)

So, it concludes here with the very ostensible answer: their protection from getting struck in the evil eyes and devil seas of creepy minds.

Now, when it’s all clear, the arguments of so-called humanists and liberals are easily refuted, that is Muslim women are not suppressed to move freely, tear advocatory, prosper frequently by the possession of Islam and it’s so protective code of Hijab, as it’s just a protection shield in rescuing the mirror from must avoidable thrown stones from anywhere it would be. The prosperity and intellectual development of a personality are not subjected to being beheaded or wearing half skirts or tight jeans, but to hone the skill and focus on it as well as protecting dignity.

More worryingly, the nowadays widespread false notion of school and college dressing, regardless of modern trends of girlfriend boyfriend, late night parties with forbidden (not the blood relative or Mahram) opposite gender has widely announced the generalization of fortifications everywhere. And protecting self-modesty is a matter of swallowing sparks. In such circumstances, the face is too prohibited, as beauty is a big temptation, which can unknowingly motivate and encourage the evil acts between the man and the victim woman.

The result of for sighting and comprehensive protection of Islam for all humankind is the Quranic verse’s proclamation, in Surah Noor;

“Say to believing men that; they should cast down their gaze and guard their private parts (by being chaste)”. This is better for them (Al-Qur’an-24).

The same instructions to men too, because the first glance on beauty is an evil arrow abets the resulting nefarious crimes, whatever can happen. That’s also prohibited by the Prophet saying “glance is on of poisoned arrows of Iblis”.

The later Quranic verse may have shut the mouths of some objecting minds on Islam as racist and discriminator between two genders, men and women.

One must notable prominent matter of grave concern is that even the prophet has permitted his blessed wives to leave homes as per need, then education is also that kind of stuff, how can be refused or prohibited?, even it is more dignified and enhanced by the obligating the education on Muslim boys and girls, by the prophetic narration: طلب العلم

.فریضة على كل مسلم و مسلمة

The Islamic view of the Hijab in academic life is also quite simple and easy as well as in social life, but the orientalists and atheists especially the haters of Islam, actual haters of humanity, have made the pile of fallacy on the very illogical basis, comprising of fabrications on the best ever judgments of purified religion.

In short, the concept of the Hijab is just covering the body of Muslims, the believing woman, and keeping her away from the all slipping sites and astringe ones as a protection or shield mothering the women as the rare pearl bounded by the hard plate of stones. Remaining is the use of the Hijab in academic life, which also must be with very carefully to be comprehended wisely, is just like normal dressing g the veil in front forbidden whether in schools or colleges, whether he is a teacher, professor or college student.

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