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Our lifelong memoirs are always under conglomeration of this specific term, "Once upon a time". Storytellers usually take up the word to drive the audience to a nostalgic past which gives a lasting impact to the story. However, stories may sometimes prove to be real when it is covered by the once. Here I have a story which is going to give a lasting impact, which is a success that is gained through consistency and also surpassing the incessant flow of threats, gossips, and neglects.

Once upon a time, there lived a businessman who found his successful life from rags to riches. Ramu was born in a village in Gorakhpur whose Father was a tea seller. Gorakhpur is situated in the heartland of Uttar Pradesh and also the people were more attached to Hindu cultures and ideologies. Ramu's father, Siva possessed a large plot, which he got as a share of his family property. But due to a valued property, everybody in their family quarreled for the one, and Siva was left with no other option rather than give it to his elder ones. Siva was basically a literate person who possessed many values in his life. But values alone can't sustain a person. After losing the property he and his wife, Radhika were left with no other option than find a job for himself. Finally, he was left with a dowry of a small shop in the Gorakhpur town which was Radhika's maternal property, handed over through generations. It is here Siva migrated to the Gorakhpur town from the Village area to build a new life. At first, Siva decided to start a small textile shop but due to lack of funding, his wife Radhika recommended him to make it a tea shop which will be of value in a town area, where no such tea shops have thrived yet!!

After a long chit-chat, both of them decided to start the venture, and also Radhika was an expert cook, who could make it into a good shack. Thus the tea business thrived in the area and he also got a good amount enough to run a family. He also bought a small house in the nearby street, with a four-room and kitchen. It was at this point Radhika became a mother. And from there on Siva became a lively person thinking about his child, if he is a son then he would be brought up bold enough to persist all the negativity. He will be brought up in a good school in the town and like all these...

As his wish, a baby boy was born and both of them decided to name him Ram, and then on he became Ramu. Ramu's bringing up was always created envy among his cousins, who were separated from the family due to the tensions created in the land deal. Siva's shack also thrived with Radhika's help and Ramu's birth gave them a fillip to develop the tea business. Ramu's education was also in a private school where the tuition fees were also at a higher rate. It was Siva's strong decision to give his son a good education. For the education, he even borrowed some money from a famous money lender in the city named, Tarun. He was proclaimed to be a treacherous one when money is not returned in due time.

As Ramu reached the 5th standard, Siva and Radhika got a serious blow when their Shack was robbed of all the money and resources that they considered as an asset. Till then they paid Tarun the amount at the right time. But the incident shook their daily routine, it gave them an additional burden and thus Ramu was forced to shift to a school in the rural area. At first, it became a hard task to adjust with the facilities. But in due process, his life became so constricted. Siva was seriously affected with the shack business. He even attempted to suicide but remembering Ramu's face he retracted from such a thing. At this time his wife Radhika gave birth to a daughter, whom they named Sruthi. Life became a sinking ship day by day. Due to delayed repayment Tarun seized his shack.

Ramu who has passed the 10th exam was left with no option rather than to support his family. At this time Siva's health condition got worsened due to an overload of tension that disturbed their family. Ramu went for daily wages and also as a newspaper boy and sustained their family. Sruthi started studying in the same rural school. As she was a little girl she didn't understand their messed to life. Once after returning from work Ramu saw his father without any motion. Soon he ran with him to the hospital, but it was too late to give back. Siva was dead in a silent attack!! Radhika was left with no other option rather than witness all these in silent sobs.

Ramu begged for support from his father's family. They all made it to the funeral but no one came to their rescue. But finally, Ramu realised it was on his father's property that he was doing his daily wages. It made him even more determined to work day and night to seize the land which his uncles conquered through illegal means. After all, he saved his wage bit by bit and determined to go somewhere else to return with enough assets. But he as a long-standing support to his family made it possible by starting a 10th level qualifier exam classes to the illiterate ones. Contributions poured in from various parts of India and finally, he owned the land where he is now running a school for the needy. This is all about Ram who developed from rags to riches.

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