Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

We are all immersed in a lifestyle of incredible thoughts and actions. Don't just be thoughtful. Because some thoughts may wear the mask of positivity and lead you to negative actions. Here we are going to look at how mysterious our mind is!! Sometimes it looks to be a burden of worrisome thoughts or else a trench of positivity.

First and foremost let's look about the evolution of different MINDSETS. Are early humans always stressed with such amount of tensions and repertoires!!! The tension is a term that got evolved in the neolithic age when Homo Sapiens began to work within their limited space and resources. They began to work for their family and the so called work is always repetitive, coercive and that required tremendous manpower. Thus the agricultural revolution got evolved first from societal influence and later on to collective efforts, finally to an individual who became the sole authority. It was then the authority thought about massive production that could spread all over the earth and made them work horrendously. This was the initial thought process which paved way for Feudalism and imperialism.

However the so called feudalistic structure gave our ancestors an extra burden to pay taxes and work for somebody to make the whole world suitable for existence. This made a huge difference between the initial tribal societies and the neolithic societies. Initially the thought process was how to hunt an animal or how to make a living in the dense forestry. Later on it changed how to prolong a life and make the land liveable for our future generations too!!. And the latter thought process paved way for barter system through which each of the produce became valued. For instance a sack of rice was given in exchange for something needy. But there arised a thought, how could an exchange be done which is not valued by the seller!! Their started the scent of MONEY. Initially through coins and later through promissory notes and now we reached the era of cryptocurrrencies. Thus the world became a marketplace !!!

The initial thought of common transaction medium paved way for socialistic and capitalistic approach. Socialism paved it's way through the protection of working class who worked for a company. Capitalistic approach paved way for authoritarianism which gave weightage to individual liberty which also had negative impacts of suppression and oppression !!.

These all thoughts made us think about evolution of human mindsets. Is there someone to control our mindsets?? !! Or is it just the play of philosophy and psychology !!

Then how did it evolve?? The answer is yet to be resolved. However these thoughts also transcended our mind about revolution. And thus the same thought gave birth to Steam Engine by James Watt. Through that Industrial Revolution was born. Thus the train of revolution made our transportation, communication and evolution easier than the era of horses that took months and years for a letter to get delivered. In this revolution many thinkers and communists like Karl Marx, Emma Goldsman gave their thoughts about Socialism and capitalism. These all prove that it's just not about a thought !!

Thus division of USSR and USA got evolved, which gave the whole world a picture of Globe. By discussing all these years and centuries have passed and reached till the 1991. These thought processes shaped the world and saw the rise and fall of British dyarchy. Rise of a third world where Indian Subcontinent found a spot in the World map!!. India too made a thought process by making the country a mixed economy through the artworks of many stalwarts like Jawaharlal Nehru, Sardar Vallabhai Patel and the list goes on..

It is now time to think and talk about the mysteriousness of 21st century. Now we are living in a world of modern facilities and heading towards a world of ultra modern facilities. But the treasures of Earth is still to be found out, and also the green thoughts are being destroyed. When we have seen Spanish Flu in 1919, there was no easy way to find a remedial measure. But when it came to 2021, so many viruses disturbed our lifestyle through our own unconsciousness. We have now reached the age of Corona Virus, where vaccines have been developed within no time, but we are not yet in the recovery stage. Now the question comes, have our overthinking about our future resulted in a bane or boon !!

If resulted in bane, it's our own actions made us fall in the cratera of a disease spreading world. If resulted in a boon then we are heading towards an age of immortality, but a thought, a prominent and mysterious one is yet to be resolved :- Who determines the expiry date of the Earth and living beings??

If the Earth is going at present condition by neglecting all the Greenery and Global Warming, then the end is near and our own thought process is determing the Earth's age. If not, then it's time to think :- How this mysterious thought processes got evolved??? !!!

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