Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko: pexels

End Justifies the Means - this is the bold view and claim of one of the greatest political philosophers Niccolo Machiavelli.

The problem is not when people go to the theatre, it's when the theatre goes into people.

First of all, I would like to bring light on the word – morally, like who among us can tell the correct meaning of what is morally correct, are the standard of morals same for every person. Of course not and we are sitting here in India watching the perfect example of DIVERSITY IN MORALS. We are a country with more than 7 religions, a highly diverse culture, and a country with people of varying ideologies.

So how can we set a perfect definition for all about what is right and what is wrong?

Further, let’s move to the impact of movies and theater on an average person. According to the reports from Walt Disney media house, a middle-class man spends about 1.2% of his life watching movies and all related things related to the movie industry. And this 1.2% affects 8-9 % of the lifestyle of humans.

Here we are blaming the entertainment media for morals that are already been struggling on various censorship boards that put the movie in different age categories, why don’t we instead focus on our educational system which is about 40% of average human life?

We all have been to school at some period of our life, so I want to highlight a subject, a compulsory subject of moral science that was taught to us in school so that we can differentiate b/w what's right and what's wrong.

I want to ask everyone what you think is the ultimate purpose of every movie, series, or an entertainment show that you watch – peace. Each movie tells us that see that person, he did wrong deeds and at the end that person either improves or either dies.

If you see the movies like sultan or Dangal or any of the MCU movies, notice how they are fighting instead of their motive and message of the movie then it's not the mistake of the movie, then it is expressing your maturity level. Machiavelli and Hitler, both emphasized the end, and so we all should do. Hitler used to say that a winner is never asked if he was ethical.

We are nowadays focusing on movie content improvement rather than our moral improvement. By this, I remembered a quote from Mirza Ghalib in Hindi, 

“Ta-umra ghalib yahi bhul karta raha, dhul chehre par thi, aaina saf karta raha”.

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