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In today’s enlightened age, women think that they cleverly know what kind of men they want but in reality, most does not. In fact, many women unwittingly confused by the Myriad feminist mantras bombarding them daily, seek the type of committed and romantic man who will ultimately leave them behind.

The new woman is no more concerned about the oppression of a patriarchal society where she has achieved equality. She needs a man who can accept her as who she is. She plays a variety of roles, including a mother, sister, wife, nurse, cook, breadwinner, and so on. Men say that now they got to work in the mainstream, that is equal to achieving their equality. Yet today’s women are more miserable and disagreed over the newfound issues in the modern era.

Since ancient times women have not been able to get their rightful place in society and as a part of the mainstream of society. They were considered a timid, delicate, and dependent community that had to be always protected by the male community. Though she is adored as a deity, she is always chained to the perception of men about her in society. This chain pulls her down whenever a woman tries to rise up like a man in society.

Though comparatively women had redeemed their status in the society somewhere near men, she is always attached to the strings of the social convention about how a woman should. Men argue that women are provided with education, income, work, safety, and even financial freedom equally to men in the modern world.

It is a shame for a man to be associated with womanly features. Yet they take pride in calling a woman, that they are manly in nature. This itself shows the cowardice of patriarchal society who says that they accept women as their equals.

The patriarchal society never understands the fact that woman also has their needs and dreams like the man. Since the men are used to women who are always submissive to them from the age-old time, they never understand their needs more than a landlord understands his servant’s needs.

Every Indian man fancies marrying a white, beautiful woman with lots of jewels, who takes care of his needs and his family’s. Indian men are only used to women who are submissive and voiceless. This starts from the family where a male is always treated as superior and a woman as inferior. It is believed that a male child is something special and has to be treated as such. This special treatment is ingrained in every Indian male from the day they are born. Thus Indian men never know anything about a woman who has dreams and who can sustain herself on her own.

Equality of women means that women should be given equal opportunity as men regarding education, work participation, and above all financial freedom. But then in today’s world, the level of women's liberty is increased than in comparing with the previous generation of women

Women are indeed gifted humans in this universe. They play a variety of roles from their childhood and till death In their life circle if any one part is denied then the circle may not be complete. The patriarchal society that is prejudiced thinks that giving freedom of speech is all that a woman needs. They did not really give them freedom but restricted them by giving them the option to choose either themselves or their family.

The way of behaving, thinking, and doing of women is completely different from that of men so one can consider women are physically and psychologically not equal to men because this was the fact thought which was born along with the birth of the female.

We all know that every creature will come across two terms birth and death. In such acceptance, women are leading various terms of life within these two terms. Women are treated differently than men in terms of rights and dues in many modern societies even in this modern world. Indeed, even today world women have no financial freedom. Though women are permitted jobs, they are strictly not permitted to earn higher incomes than their husbands.

A married couple needs to share chores, pay the attention needed to their children, treat each other with dignity, and be sensitive to each other’s needs. The definition of a wife should not be something that stands for sexual pleasure or someone who can do all the chores at home like a slave. Women should have their Independence. why women should alone take care of the family and why don’t the men share it?

No soul is there to understand her innate feelings and emotions. What does she really want? Her hope, happiness, sadness everything was hidden within her. She gains money a lot but fails to gain her life. Guiltiness and alienation stay within her at last. Is she a disgusting woman? Is it what she really wants? Is it enough for women to survive in this world? This was the liberty she gained from a patriarchal society. A millennial woman is more translated psychologically rather than physically. She needs a man to accept her as who she is rather than expecting her from outset of women.

On side of her opinion woman had made great progress in their freedom of opinion and their social status considering the last three decades. Many talks about feminism, womanism, and so on. All are content with the newly gained freedom of woman and even the patriarchal society proclaims that woman is free to do whatever they like. In reality, no one really cares about the newfound issues that they are meeting in their everyday life.

In short, without women and their sanity, the world would perish. Life without women in men seems to be complicated and disciplinary. Women are the strongest backbone of men's life but men fail to cherish them.

Most importantly concerning the side of married women... she can't live independently, she needs to answer all the questions that are spotted by a different voice, though she is doing any new things which is very much praised with criticism. If a man is allowed to have a party and get together with his party even after his marriage, why a woman is not allowed to have such kind of contact with her friends after their marriage? Man's freedom after marriage remains unchanged but women's life and desires are always found with changes.

Finally, this article is not against the male gender but it is spotted on women's needs in a patriarchal society.

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