Image by Darwin Laganzon from Pixabay

In 2016 number of countries signed the Paris Agreement which aimed at limiting the global temperature preferably to 1.5-degree Celsius. India promised to have net zero carbon emissions till 2070 and many other countries with other targeted years. The point to be thought here is that being the supreme creatures of the earth how much we are anticipated towards our only place of survival. The problem is that firstly we create something which harms the environment and then after we try to manage kinds of stuff having a negotiation. For example, Air Conditioners, it has a key role in emissions of CFC GAS. We invented it for the comfort of humans, it emitted CFC gas, as a result, the temperature rises, and to make ourselves more comfortable more ACs are installed. The negotiation here is that we have brought ECO-FRIENDLY ACs, if a building has been installed with 50 to 60 ACs then despite its eco-friendly won't it affect the surroundings? The same is the problem with motor vehicles. Like in Delhi, Supreme Court is highly responsible for making Delhi liveable these days, as in the 90s it pushed govt. towards metro and CNG vehicles. Still, NEW DELHI is having the worst air quality index in the world. If we go to the world level, Antarctica is melting with 3 degrees increased temperature every year. If this remains then some of the American cities will be underwater in several years. The largest reef island, The great barrier reef is losing coral reefs due to pollution, resulting in huge losses to aquatic life is also a matter of concern. In India, recent years have been full of floods, unwanted rainfalls, and cloud bursts. These are all due to climate change. There is a huge number of mishaps with the environment. 

Yes, for development one may need to go against nature but it must be in limits. We have proposed a number of events like World Water Day, World Environment Day, World Earth Day, and much more. But the question is whether these programmes are really reaching the core population of the world. Ultimately, there is only one i.e. Mother Earth for survival. She knows nurturing and devastation both. Mars is still much away for survival. 

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