Photo by Jonathan Borba: pexels

Can I know what no one else knows?
Can I love as no one else does?
I fell in love with you in the moonlight,
Wanna be lost in you,
Wanna be lost with you,
We stargaze at your fav spot,
Ears plugged in with the Air Pods,
I fell in love with you in the moonlight.
Poetries and brews of aromatic tea
Slurping while soaking in the rays,
You felt like a daydream coalesced in serenity,
Lost my heart to being dazed by your lovable haze.
I’d love to fight for you,
Do the things you like to do,
Take two, there ain’t nobody you
Yes, I need you, I need you baby
I crave for a man like you,
Tell me you need me too,
Tell me you told the stars about me too.
Handing you a piece of my heart every day
Till the sunlight negates to shine bright
And the moonlight fades away,
over all the songs I sing for you,
make paper rings for you,
might do umpteen things for you
still the hues of love never gonna fade away,
the idea of forever after seems too stretched
let’s lose ourselves to let stars dangle over our heads
while stitching this intricate tapestry of love
with threads of endless convos, eye gazing, tickling gestures, heart-warming lyrics of your soulful songs,
and despite the distance vast and cold,
you always had a heart of gold,
lemme tell the moon of the shine you carry,
it would leave every sky in search of you.
Can I know what no one else knows?
Can I love as no one else does?
I fell in love with you in the moonlight,
I am a wanderer, with broken limbs yet I’d love
To stroll miles with you till the countless morrows,
I wanna be lost in you,
I wanna be lost with you
For each atom of the universe glorifies my love for you,
Blackhole resembles you as I embrace the constellation of stars,
Your captivating giggle on capturing the Aurora
Made my lips smile wide and my eyes shine,
gazing yours as merry and crimson as tides,
I wanna flourish you with all that defines love,
I wanna be the petrichor to your burnt, arid stench,
Gonna let you hold my arms as they often romanticize about,
For all of me is all for you,
All for you,
All for you...

.     .     .