Photo by International Fund for Animal Welfare: pexels

The earth is known as "the living planet" because here life is possible and live together to maintain ecological balance. We, humans, share this planet with animals. Animals are the most important part of this world. Our planet earth is incomplete without these creatures. Animals make the earth more alive. We people get many things from animals but we forget about them.

Animals such as dogs, cats, fishes, etc.. are kept by many people as their pets but if we are keeping then we should love and treat them as our family members. People keep cows as their pets to get milk but when they become old and stop giving milk they just sell them. We are cutting the forests for our uses but if we are cutting them then we are destroying many animals' life as well. We are making the water unclean as well as destroying the house of many fishes. Fishes are dying because of this poisonous water. Because of global warming ice in the North Pole is melting and the animals of that area dying. People are so cruel that they kill animals for their skin to make clothes out of them. 

Animals are so kind that after the cruelty of human beings also, they give and give and we forget and forget. We should never forget the kindness of the animals. Here we learnt that global warming caused by us is harmful to everyone and we should not make the water unclean. Hunting should be stopped all over the world. I hope that people will stop all the insecurities which are harmful to the animals and the world. We should understand that animals also have feelings. They are also part of this world. So, not only for our happiness but we should also think about the animals' rights and happiness. 

Thank You. 

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