Since childhood I always have had a soft spot for animals, I adore them, and I found myself attracted to them. I always bring injured animals home to cure them to take care of them. It gives me a feeling of love and warmth to know that I can help them. Sometimes my parents get worried, about what next would I bring home.

So one day when I was a child I was playing outside the house in our front yard. It was afternoon somewhere between 2:00 to 3:00 pm and my mom was taking her afternoon nap. So I went out and was playing with my toys. That's when I hear some noise coming from our neighbor's yard, something was moving but because of the fence, it was hard to see. So I went close and there was a small gap between the fence, there I saw a small puppy all scared and shivering. I wondered where and how he end up here. I try to grab him but he shrunk to the corner. I saw that he was hungry and scared so I went inside and brought him some bread. He ate and came out slowly, he was trying to analyze whether he can trust me or not. After some time he became comfortable and started to rub me and his tail was wiggling I can tell he was happy and feeling safe.

But I was scared of telling mom, I already knew that she was going to be furious because we already have a cat and that's what happen she saw the puppy. It was pretty clear because he kept following me around.

Mom was worried about what to do about this dog. At last, my father came back from the office and he decided to take him somewhere people Will take care of him. Not so far from his workplace there was a slum area around the street where people feed street animals but I was angry coz I know these people can't take care of themselves how will they take care of that dog? They were poor people but have good hearts which doesn't mean taking advantage of them.

Whatsoever, my father already decided so he took him in the car so he won't be able to trace the road and left him around the street where people can see him and adopt him. I was all broken and crying my lungs out parents trying everything to calm me. They even bribe me with some new toys, but what I wanted was for him to be safe.

"Then the miracle happens"

Exactly the next evening that little angel came back who was barely 2-3 months old. All thirsty and hungry, struggling for breath, his stomach got flat and his tongue was hanging out for water. He just lay on the ground.

And I was crying and my mom got numbed too. My parents were ashamed, I can see the guilt on my father's face he was regretting his decision.

' we are never going to leave him ever again, he is our responsibility now '- said, my father

So my mom and I ran inside and take everything for him

Milk, water, bread ..... Etc

And from that day we start calling him Sheru. He was our Sheru, we were so happy. He even gets along with my cat, they don't fight anymore. I was so happy even our neighbor's children named his diamond. He was a smart dog he started to respond to both names. All my friends came to visit him and they even feed him sometimes.

"But it won't last"

One day he got missing. I was looking for Sheru everywhere but couldn't find him. That's so not him. He never goes much far from home before. I was scared and looked for him everywhere that's when one of our neighbors told us that he was taken by someone. There was a man who grabbed him and there was something in his hand. At first, we thought he was playing with him but then I saw a bag and a rope in his hand.

And the boy who took him was no other than one of our neighbors. I was shocked and heartbroken. My father went to ask him but he denied it and no one was ready, to tell the truth, so without proof, we cannot even complain about him.

I desperately waited for him coz that day my mom even make his favorite food but he never came back.

I cried for two days and searched for him everywhere but never found him. I still look for him when I go out, in a hope that he will be fine. It's been 6 years now .....still can't believe that just giving him a piece of bread made him so loyal to us.

I miss you Sheru ...

I hope you are okay wherever you are.

.    .    .