Image by Med Ahabchane from Pixabay 

We are doing so many things in our life without thinking of the consequences.

We are living in the 21st century and most of our work is getting easier day by day with the evolution of technology. Still, we are depressed and sad not knowing why. There are so many reasons ‘why’ and one is how we act or take our life for granted. We are not thinking of the future when we do something in present. It’s easier in movies to say ‘apna har din aise jiyo jaise ki akhri ho’ (live every day as it’s your last). But what if it’s not your last? Have you thought about it? What if there’s another day?

In most of the movies, there are happy endings and we love to see happy endings coz that makes us feel good, or deep down we just don’t want to face the reality of life. That life can be cruel sometimes and our action is the reflection of our future. We just want to enjoy the present even if it’s hurting others. Enjoying your life is not bad but we should know the limit where we need to stop. Today’s generation is far from that (not everyone). For example, today’s kids are making fun of teachers and elders in the name of enjoyment. They disrespect their elders without thinking twice and even say it out loud how they feel proud about it. They gave it the name ‘coolness’ not knowing that their way of ‘coolness’ is hurtful for someone else and it’s never going to end here once it becomes your habit. It’s hard for you to even understand where you are getting wrong.

Some of these people married at a young age just for fun and are not aware of the responsibilities they are going to have (marrying at a young age is not wrong until and unless you know your responsibilities). In the end, they end up hurting their partner. Sometimes it turns into a toxic relationship when both parties want to enjoy and don’t want to take the responsibilities. Which can even affect their children ‘if they have’.

It's not the same for everyone, it’s just one example of how your indiscipline life can turn into a disaster by so many ways. It is good to have a disciplined life but not over-discipline. There is a limit to everything but it’s in our hands how we balanced it.

Whatever we are going to do in our present it’s definitely going to affect our future. Every time expecting a happy ending in whatever decision you made is for ‘fools’ but taking a step by thinking of the consequences is for a ‘smart’.

Don’t make your future self regret your past.

“Growing older”
Beauty fades
You grow old,
Body is weak
Can't make moves that bold.
What was meant for a life,
Left us with no choice.
Thinking of future makes you mad.
What would be next?
Past makes you cry,
Wishing you want to re-try.
Looking mirror is hard,
All you think for a new start.
You regret the things you did,
You want the past to skip.
You wish to live your life alone and quiet.
But now you regret the thought, how you end up like.
It's hard to make amends,
Because the time ends.

~Ariba Aiman

.    .    .