Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 

I know what you're thinking. "Is the word TRUST her topic?" yes it is. one of the most used words these days. You need to trust the price and the seller to buy something, you need to trust your instinct to know that you are going in the right path, you need to trust your friends when you are telling them your secrets, you need to trust your parents when they decide which school to put you in. There are lots and I would definitely love to list out each and everything that comes to my mind right now - at this very moment. This 21st century is a game changing era of people who think that once their trust is broken, they shouldn't trust anyone else again-EVER. Most of you all would have seen quotes like "trust nobody", that show up in your Instagram page  or twitter or any other social platform. Yes, its true we shouldn't trust a stranger but we can indeed trust someone we know, even if the person broke your trust many times. 'Casue I have. I trusted many people and I still do even though they broke my trust. I chose to. It's just human nature to trust and let that trust be broken someday and I feel we are not supposed to resist it. I trusted my best friend with the biggest secret. I told her something about me that nobody else knew. And she did tell it out. Those things I told her were something that was sensitive to me and she knew it very well. But she still did it. And I don't blame her. I just know till today she did it for me, she did that because she cared about me. Yes I still love her and she is my best friend, though we didn't talk for one week after the incident. This isn't the first incident that had happened, there are lots. So, the thing I am trying to say here is - trust people only then will they find some courage. They might feel loved. They might feel safe around you knowing that you trust them. And even if they break your most precious trust give them a chance again cause they tried their best too. They never meant to do what they did. It's not an international mistake that is unforgivable. You needn't forgive them but give them a chance and even if they break it again give them a hundred chances, they are human beings too. 

Trusting is not just for someone else its for you too. You need to trust yourself too. I know it gets real hard sometimes. It's not just you, I have felt that too. Don't worry you have company. I have felt hopeless many times and I tried to trust my soul each and every time but I couldn't. But I tried and that was the only little tiny bit of hope that I had to hold on to each time when I felt that I couldn't trust anyone or even me. 

Ooooff!! Alas, I just wrote whatever I felt was true and this is just my perception on trust. And there are many perspectives and I hope you all learn to differentiate each one of them. 

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