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Today is women's equality day adopted by the United States, the country which for the first time provided rights to women.

But still, equality is not there at all even after belonging to a family who can afford everything for a child and giving them education and food but it disrupts Every woman when their mother says some hierarchical sentences like “नारियल तो लड़का ही छोड़ता है, लड़की नहीं” or if any women works in night hours “ऐसा कौन सा काम आ गया जो रात को करना पड़ा” but if it of man then “मेरा बेटा तो सारी रात काम करता है”.

Not me and you face this patriarchy, this difference, but the whole women of the world. Voice place to start women’s inequality fight is with Lucretia Mott and Elizabeth Cady Stanton who organized the first female rights convention in 1848, New York. Many other women have had a long fight on their hands to be considered equal, And so several museums are dedicated to showing the story of these movements.

This day commemorates the 26th August 1920 when the vote for women officially invaded in the US constitution, and from this date, the history of the struggle for equal treatment of women and women's rights started in nearly 18th and 19th century movements in regards to equal civil, political and economic rights as men in 20th century post international women's day is marked in Europe in 1911 all Indian women's conference convenes for the first time in 1927 with the sequel opportunity was started given to women’s then United nation adopted human rights universal declaration in 1948 marked mild stone for all humans but only some light over women’s right which woke up many activists in respect to that.

  • Establishment of commission on the status of women 1946
  • First World conference on women 1975
  • CEDAW international women's bill of rights 1979

Now with all this development women's rights, equality, and all troubles were started dealt with at the international level which all seem somewhere successful when Sirimavo Bandaranaike becomes the world's first elected women prime minister in 1960, Sri Lanka. We could also be thankful to women activists and the waves of feminists But even after that such conference is an organization not successful in bro the glass ceiling and inequality. Sometimes, I feel that taking equality on grounds for the needy is fruitless because the inequality already exists in society can't be broken due to the existence of a few people who never got this done whether it's about gender about wealth, this change can't be come through protesting by women's only but everyone is to be conscious about it now.

You know one thing I want to convey through this is that the people who already have the right to do the things which do not have yet to the needy people, especially women who also are human beings is very embarrassing and sometimes the people who are privileged with that are not felt that need but if they should come to get her and stand with the same.

Women from time immemorial have fought for the right of others but now it's her time to realize her rights and get equal participation in society. shackles are always around the women and frankly speaking, political parties pass amendments only in a fever of their vote bank so we ought to realize this thing that we have to fight alone but together, we don't have to give learning of past to the future generations.

I want all this to be some of as women are enemy of a woman taught another woman to behave like this or that in front of other women's for instance if I would give as a victim shaving which is done by society and society includes much of women's only and then those women's teaching they year children’s their daughter that the victim if it is a woman then it's her problem it's her mistake if she got victimized by another person.

So we all have to work together to break such change which is given by society to us as we did for our independence And I would say this, independence will be realized on The day she walks alone safely on the road at night without fearing a man.


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