Image by Roy Buri from Pixabay 

Animal rescue means animals who are ill, abandoned, neglected and abused are put under a shelter or we could say some people just take animals up but can’t really take care of them or do not know how to treat them so they decide to either ill-treat them or just abandoned them so, few good people who actually loves animals try and help those little ones out.

Just like the story of Buddy & Cooper who were the victim of even worsen than the neglected and abandoned ones. An organization named PLRS used them for some kind of experiment where they were caged most of the time and other times they were dragged when they were too frightened to move. Were even fed the experimental food which was a compound infused with worms. They were even sprayed with high-pressure hoses but PETA was the lifesaver of not just Buddy & Cooper but of more than 250 other animals too. It’s not just them but many more who might not have been rescued even.

Next in the line are Zoo and the circus. To which are parents takes us to very proud but is it really that proud thing? No, because you are indirectly promoting them to illegally get these pretty animals and neither zoo nor the circus keeps them in good condition, They lose their natural ability, their natural habitat, and their natural feeding. We are making them live in a 3’2 foot cage which is merely their size, Can that be a home? Can you call that home to live? To those who had acres of yard to themselves with the must-have biodiversity were they walk freely and what they see now? Those rodes of cages and humans. Human! Who pays to watch them?

And how could we forget about pearl exploitation? Pearl is an ulcer that forms after an irritating foreign object enters the shell of an oyster. Who responds by coating it with nacre, a crystalline substance that gives pearls their luster. Pearls naturally form in only one in 10,000 oysters and the creation of a pearl can take up to 3 years. Pearl farmers have devised a process called culturing or cultivation, Which allows it to exploit oysters faster and cheaper. It commonly results in the death of half the oysters. Farmers then suspend the oysters in water in a cage, moving them around and subjecting them to different water temperatures in order to create the desired shape, size, and color of the pearls. Third of the oysters are thrown back into the water to undergo another cycle. All animals used for pearls are ultimately killed. Their flesh is sold to be eaten and their shells are used for decorative ‘mother of pearl’.

Do you know what is domestication? Domestication is the process of adapting wild plants and animals for human use. It started around the Mesolithic period in the old world in central Asia around 15,000 years. Dogs were first domesticated and then ox for farming and other animals like goats and hens etc. Since then it has been growing. Even now we do domestication but again we have humans and animals involved and this is a tragedy might be wondering why humans and animals in the same ground to be called tragedy right? The answer to it is straightforward, because many humans pet them and kill, ill treat them, and neglect them and because of these few the whole community is blamed out and directly or indirectly we do support them if not do it. Wondering how? Just like the women have the be pregnant and give birth in order to produce milk so does a cow have to be which is just sufficient for a calf and just last as a human body due to hormones but with the rise of factory farming, milk is now a most unnatural operation. The modern dairy farm can have hundreds, even thousands of cows. Today’s average dairy cow produces six to seven times as much milk as she did a century ago. Cows spend their lives constantly impregnated in order to produce milk. Bulls can be difficult, so the majority of the time cows are now artificially inseminated. Hormones have been designed to increase milk production, and after roughly three or four years, their production slackens is the largest producer of milk in the world, followed by India and china. When we buy the milk we support them to produce more. What If we don’t use dairy milk and other dairies then what will we have? Go vegan eat tofu and vegan milk and save their life. Not only the cow but animals like cows and dogs are even suffering either they are neglected, ill-treated, left on the road to die and in the worst case, they are being sexually abused. Yes, you heard it right this is actually happening they are some so-called humans who are sexually abusing street dogs. Now let me take you around to the trend world where people are doing make-up, skincare, and hair- color too with the human products for some merely likes, they are using those toxins which are not actually human friendly. Do these people ever think about what are they doing, and what kind of harm can this causes to the animals?

Can you see in the end there is a similar thing in every paragraph of animal conditions which is “humans”? we are the only people who do all these things to the animals who can’t even talk about how bad it is. What they are suffering. The question is what are they even suffering for? The answer to this is simple they are suffering because we are making them suffer and our reason to do this is what/ nothing but our own selfishness and the other few do it for likes, to be viral and fun, and then few left human has to come up with the shelters and welfare. We need them because few people lack the dignity of humanity in them. The way you never teach them to do such things to animals but what we lack is we don’t even teach them that this is wrong and then in future, it's in their hand to see if they feel to do it or not because nobody teaches them instead of making the posters on saving animals. Teach them not to throw stones at street dogs, teach them never to beat one, teach your family to not throw water on them while asking you for water instead give them water in some plastic blow, and teach your family to be careful while driving, till them to be careful while they park their car or while they take their car off the parking, teach them there are animals and live because of it not because we let them live. Till we don’t change as humans the world can’t be a better place for them.

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