Sasha Fate

With all the heaps of the vocation and tension from the world of work, it's become conventional and easy that we forget to pause and ponder about the surrounding things. We become self-centered unwittingly, do inhumane things, or we just don't bother caring. 

Ironically, I was that one person who tends to think and feel beyond the sun, moon, stars, and the sky. Nothing is as it seems, there's always something in-depth of whatever our eyes wander onto. Living things, non-living things—they all have stories of their own. And this is an article that depicts the story of how I rescued a malnourished stray kitten, as the matter of which changed the perception and vision of many around me. This is a story about humanity.

Finding loneliness through pandemic 

By the age of 12, when the pandemic struck, the inevitable musings conquered the free hours of solitaire, but that was until the days of quarantine transcended, it made me acquaint with loneliness. So, as they say, cats make good companion with human, I'd always wanted a feline friend. I, perpetually, find these adorable fur balls unique, and of course, unpredictable. 

But the main cause was, my trip to India in 2019. I was visiting one of my uncles in Kerala, the land prominent for mesmerizing backwaters, ecotourism initiatives, scenic beauty, amazing beaches, and mouthwatering cuisine. Seated by the verandah, I was praising the beauty of the surrounding when my gaze fell upon a pair of kittens playing with my shoes. Although it wasn't a big deal of a scene, it sprouted something inside of me. The innocence and chaste, they took over me. That was when my craze started.

Since then, I had attempted to persuade my parents on getting me a pet cat. It was futile as some of my family members loathed the idea because of their allergies. But being a sneaky one, I had snuck three baby kittens without the acknowledgement of my parents, with the help of my friends, which I wouldn't say I'm really proud of. Later, as by the advice of my parents, I had to return them back to where they belonged because they were so little that they had to be under the care of the mama cat, and, yes, I had separated the kittens from their mother.

By now it was pretty hopless, but something in me wanted to keep on trying. Hence, I kept praying to God every single day. Restoring my faith, a little over a year later, my prayers had been answered to.

The little thing in distress 

Crimson and Cold, as the sun set, the evening sky started to gloom. The birds chirped and were returning to their nests. The stars and the moon were already making their appearance, ready to light the night sky.

It was mid-February in Sri Lanka. I and a couple of my friends were going home, just being attended a local tuition class. A few minutes in, and I see a gang of my classmates circling something by the front yard of a house. It seemed as if they are being entertained by disturbing the peace of something. An insect? An animal? A bird?

Intrigued, I tiptoe to look what was going on. That was when those pair of vulnerable, dark blue eyes collide into mine. Skin-and-bones, the poor thing seemed to have not eaten in days, if not weeks, although it looked as if it were just a few weeks old in age, as it struggled to even stand up by its tiny feet. The mother abandoned the kitten, or so says the owner of the house premise. A rush of guilt and sympathy overwhelms me at the sight, churning the pit of my stomach. Having no second thought cross my mind, I gently grab the little thing, embracing it by my chest, as it made its little meows out of fear, hunger, and coldness.

“I'm taking you home. You're going to have a new life” I whisper within myself.

Like that, we were on our way to my house.

Taking 'Fate' home.

“What are you going to name him?”

Asks my friend, who's as just as obsessed with cats. We brainstormed some name ideas and finally land on 'Fate'. Fate made us cross paths after all!

No sooner, as we were nearing my house, I felt anxiety creeping its way over me slowly. I shrug the thoughts, putting on my brave-mask. I was finally at my doorsteps with the fury friend.

“Maaaa…” I call out for my mom, masking my nervousness with a wide grin.

She thinks I've brought home a bird but when she takes a closer look at it, to my utter surprise, she's sold. Then, my dad and other family members meet him, and they were all fine with it, except my grandmother. But she had her reasons. She lost her newborn sister years ago when she accidentally inhaled cat fur. That had influenced her to despise cats at all cost. Yet, she accepted Fate half-heartedly by the persuasion of myself and mom.

In no time, Fate became her middle name, having named Sasha as her first name by my newly-cat-obsessed mom. Funny thing that she actually never liked any animals until she met Sasha.

“I fell for him since the first time I met him” adds my mom.

It was 11th of February 2021, international promise day and as if God promised us him, Sasha Fate made his entry on to our hearts. Our lives.

Sasha Fate on the first day of 2022

My companion 

The days following the event were the happiest of memories, for me and those around me. Rescuing her, being able to have given her a new life, a new chance brought the hope of the seldom seen humanity to the people. In the society where I lived, cats were sold and adopted as a business because they believed having Persian or Himalayan cat breeds, indicated wealth. It was always a sad thing for me to see them making those cats as pets which were already living their lives, in order to showcase their money, whilst there are hundreds of stray cats and kittens who die every single day without having food nor anyone to take care of them. Why don't the people care? For once, I feel good about all the struggles I've faced to be in this place.

Sasha became the center of attention of the ones around me. To the extent where he even won over my grandmother's heart. Everyone adored and cherished him and also were touched by the story. As for his health, my dad said if I hadn't rescued him that day, he would've died. But, since the time we took care of him we made sure he was fed on time, got all the vaccines and healthy. He literally became the last child to my parents, the only time I'd never mind being a middle one. 

He turned into an energetic, playful cat. Furthermore, he would play hide-and-seek with me, would be my companion whenever I'd have study sessions or when I do homework. Likewise, he was the one who was successfully able to fill up the space that stayed vacant. He was the part of me that I lacked.

The move

Sasha Fate wearing a dress made by mom

'The happily ever after' didn't last much longer. Sadly, when the economic crisis erupted in Sri Lanka by 2022, we had to move to India in a haste that we couldn't bring him with us, even though we strived. Then, Some people came forward and promised us to take good care of him, and we were happy, but it turned out they didn't really care that now he stays wandering by our vicinity. How could they do that? Didn't they feel a little remorse and regret? I do feel terrible thinking about it. Every so often, I think if I hadn't brought him home, I wouldn't have had to go through these feelings. But then again, I had to be happy that I, at least, saved his life, gave him a chance that he exists today. He's not the vulnerable, helpless kitten I noticed that cold evening in February, he's all grown up. For that, I'm proud. I'm proud that I, at least, stay a proof of the infrequently sighted humanity.

.    .    .