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Life is all about caring for other creatures. It's much better when one has a pet which makes their lives a beautiful place to live in. Animals have been a daily part of my life though I never had a pet for myself. One's life is incomplete without a pet, they are missing out on so much of wonders and happiness. 

A lot of values can be learnt from animals than they could from us. Dogs are the most grateful living creature who loves unconditionally. They tend to be very loyal and reliable so a person who is looking for a good company or a friend who would never betray, they can pet a dog. Monkeys are flexible, quick-witted with personality traits of enthusiasm, friendliness and an innovative spirit.

Elephants are highly intelligent animals with complex emotions, feelings, compassion and self-awareness. Nature is very pretty. Plants, trees, animals and everything about it is simply amazing. I think spending more time with nature and animals can bring joy and light into the world. 

Without any delay let me get started on the story of Kamala that I want to share because of the deep rooted trauma it caused on me. I've given the title as " the strongest" which might be not true from everyone's perspective but Kamala is the strongest mother that I have personally seen though every mother is the strongest person to be alive. When I was in my fifth grade, I experienced a very disturbing event. 

It was a pretty mundane day and I have just come back from my school. After taking a warm bath, I went out for a walk to get some fresh air. There's an empty place right opposite to my house with a few plants and trees where usually animals would come for shelter. I spotted a cow and a tiny little calf in that bushes. I immediately recognised that it was a new born because I grew up watching them. The calf was all wet with little blood stains. I was really glad that I saw them so I rushed to my grandparents to tell what I had seen. 

Usually, people from Tamil Nadu pet cows and worship them. They send the cows outside for a while in search of food. To ensure its safety they leave a tag in one of its ear with the owner's name and address. So when my grandfather came out to check on the cow and it's calf he saw the tag and was worried how restless the owner was to let his cow out to roam during its trimester. He noticed something that I didn't, he saw that the cow was not moving or walking. It was in the same place without even feeding it's calf. He went near the cow and saw that the place was filled with blood which was a lot compared to the usual birth process. My grandfather asked me to get inside the house thinking I'd get scared seeing that.

My grandfather called my father and asked him to dial the number of the owner from the tag. But the owner wasn't picking up the call. The tag had the cow's name "Kamala". A few neighbours of mine gathered and started talking among themselves in an upset tone. I was worried about the calf more than anything for some reason that I'm unaware of. All I heard was that Kamala was in a critical stage and she could barely survive. People brought Kamala to a plain place away from bushes because it was getting darker and kept dialing the owner who wouldn't pick up. Few went to the address from the tag and the situation was getting a lot serious where my heart started beating real fast. I went out to give some water to know what was going on. The actual thing was that Kamala have given birth to it's calf and since there wasn't any help of doctors or other human beings, Kamala pushed out its uterus trying to push out the calf. So basically I saw a real uterus of a cow with litres of blood lying all over the place, barely even breathing. 

The situation was hopeless and it never got any better. It was seven in the evening and I'm standing near a calf without doing my homework and not getting scolded. We fed the calf with some milk we had until the doctors would come. The owner and veterinary doctor came by eight and said there's no way Kamala could live. It broke my heart into pieces. I saw Kamala struggling to open her eyes and even breathe. My dad kept yelling at me to get inside the house but I did not. Around nine Kamala passed away and I teared up. I felt very sorry for the calf. The owners took both Kamala and the calf with a heavy heart. I couldn't sleep the whole night. It was such a stressful evening that I want to forget. This incident of Kamala's should never happen to any other animals and let us provide them with the best support.

Animals don't have much help and support like us humans. Comparatively their lives are not given much importance, I think government and common people like me should be more aware of these incidents. We must take more safety precautions and help out the animals in need. Many humans think money, luxury gives happiness and yes it does but love, affection, the feeling that someone cares for us and few words of care gives happiness which are undeniably the best. 

The thing I wanted to strongly register here is nature and animals are the only things that are permanent in life which doesn't disappoint you. The more we care about it and the more we care for its well being, the more we get back in return. The welfare and rescue of animals is a worldwide problem which definitely needs a solution. Especially animals are used for the selfishness of human beings like in making of clothes from animal's fur, eating meat, etc which can be avoided or minimised to a great extent.

I would recommend to lecture students and teach them about the facts of how animals are ill treated, how they could be saved because they are the future of nation who will teach others and contribute to this society. Also campaigns can be conducted to talk about animals and its welfare. There are so many suggestive ways to take steps in bringing this mission of animal rescue and welfare to a success. I hope humans treat animals with compassion, respect and prevent them from going extinct. Let's hope for the best and contribute to our society. Thank you for giving me this great opportunity of writing this essay which really did make an impact on myself to be a better person.

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