Image by kim_hester from Pixabay 

My pink little paws contrast against the rough dark street 
Thus a pup is born, a melody sweet

My soft little nose stubs against the road 
Mum says I am tiny like a pea in a pod 

She licks me clean , I soak in her warmth 
In my small world , love is the norm 

And for a while now , I believed that everything would be amazing 
To see the world are my eyes craving 

One day again , the sun's rays come to tickle me awake 
For now I could see , my eyes a weird strain 

On that melancholy day , I realise I am not in heaven but hell
Down from the big blue sky rain fell 

I felt cold , shivering in conditions extreme 
My mom was still nowhere to be seen 
Oh god, isn't it cruel to put a pup in such misery unforseen?

I crawl slowly, felt I could walk, I whine for my mom, I dine on the cold 
I am all alone on the street, tumble between the large unforgiving human feet 

All of the humans look at me with scorn 
Their unforgiving kicks and stares prick me like thorns 

I move to see my mom run down , trodden off in the big dark town 
Down is she run down by these cruel human born 

My heart aches , my tears dont speak , for I am a mere pup on the Indian street
Cruelty at its peak 

Oh you humans, what do you see in me? Another pup to hurt? some more fun to seek
Oh you humans, dont you notice my starving body, my soul hurts too 
I only beg for love , the road I walk on blisters my paws 

Your shoo aways cut me like sharp rigged saws 
Oh, you humans, why do you seek my soul to beat 
Life is tough on the Indian street.

.    .    .