Image by Burak AKTAŞ from Pixabay 

As a writer, I have always wanted to tell people something useful. I have tried my hands on novels, short stories and articles. I think, when a word you write does not have an impact on the reader, then there is no meaning in writing. Taking that point as the parameter for marking poetry and prose, if we analyze, according to me poetry comes far behind.

I can explain my argument. In general, poets are great thinkers, no denying on that part. But the problem is, they write to show off their hold or knowledge or vocabulary! The more distracted meaning the poem gives, it’s considered great! Is this what a poet wants? Is she/he really happy that their piece of hard work is not conveying what they intend to convey? For a common citizen like me, this idea seems very learned and vain. I am not arguing writing a poem is very easy. On contrary, I accept it’s the most difficult creative work by any writer (Poet in this case).

If we read some poetries, how much ever we try, it's difficult to understand what the poet is trying to express. Nowadays, it has become a fashion to write such obscure sentences even in prose, but since we are talking about poetry, we will stick to that. If poetry is discussed in a group, the value of the poetry increases if the poet is famous! Learned people volunteer to give many explanations to the poetry. I can give an example here.

Say Miss Lovely is a renowned poet for her work and her looks. In a gathering, if I say some meaningless sentences, with bombastic words, and declare that poem was written by Miss. Lovely, believe me! In most of the gatherings, no one will be there to contradict. To add more spice to the scene, some people might even appreciate those meaningless, bizarre sentences interpreting many philosophical and out-of-the-world meanings. Others might praise the poet for her language and use of words. It’s just like the emperor’s new clothes.

I am not against poetries which are written beautifully and conveys the meaning to even a common man/woman. As I said, any written work should be reader-friendly. We may say, there are very knowledgeable and learned readers who appreciate such poetries. But their number is very few. I dare to say, some poetries, even they don’t get the meaning. Their pride won’t allow to accept it, resulting in different versions of the same poetry, giving birth to argument and analysis. All of these are considered great endeavors. But according to me, it’s a waste of time.

The topic poets choose is very complicated. Love is a nice happy feeling where a human being feels attracted towards another human being. Poetries add layers of sugar, layers of color and golden glitter to this love, and declare it as a thing out of the world. Teenagers reading this, due to their Harmons, fly in the sky, and sing songs of sacred love. But in reality, such a love is very difficult to find and even more difficult to maintain. But the imaginary love, makes the youth an emotionally unstable person. Some can manage this, but unfortunately, few who could not handle the disappointment suffered.

Consider this situation, A creative person is travelling through flower laden valley in a vehicle. She/he might express her/his happiness, experience, and the feeling of nature in two ways. One is prose and another is Poetry. Travelling through the world of fragrance, rainbow-colored flowers, tiny fluttering butterflies, was like going through paradise. Something like this a prose writer may write.

But when it comes to a poet, she/he has to think of meter, and words that are not used by others, the length of the poem etc. What I am trying to say is, freedom of expression is limited in poetry.

I agree that poetry reflects the civilization. A well fed, well-educated society only will be able to produce poets. Poetry indicates the wealthiness and health of the society. But do poetries really help the society? For argument’s sake, if we take our freedom struggle, there were many great poets in all our Indian languages who wrote against British Raj. Did they help people to rise against Britishers? No! But the speeches and articles written by the same poets and great leaders, ignited the spirit. Not the poetries, remember! People joined Gandhiji not inspired by the poetries written about him, but by speeches and articles written by himself in various magazines and daily papers.

Poetry is beauty; prose is for hunger. I always lean towards the most essential thing rather than the beauty. Yes! Beauty is also needed from time to time as a recreation. But prose is like breath, which makes you live. I conclude my argument by saying, don’t give unnecessary importance to poetry, which makes the people confused and less educated. Instead appreciate and spread a prose which talks about people, their problems and tries to offer a solution. Poetries are for persons in a reclining chair, eating out of a silver plate served by servants. So, commoners like me find poetry a great thing but of no real use. 

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