Image by Phan Minh Cuong An from Pixabay 

As the world believes, teenagers are the emerging souls of this world. They are having inquisitive, vast, and suspicious minds which require in-routine care and nurturing. The nurturing which is being given to them from almost every person elder, be it be from the school or the society or the friends or from the family not to forget. All these people at the highest level expect the youth to do well in almost every field possible. Besides knowing their inquisitive, vast, and suspicious minds, the world does not really know what type of thoughts and processes really takes place in a 'teenage mind'. Teenagers do have a vast mind. But the majority part experiences social trauma, depression, suicidal thoughts, and anxiety and can go on. The thing that hurts the heart right in the center is that this 'majority' part of the brain is left unseen. It is being carried away by saying that 'come on everyone faces it. It's not just you!' and that is where the problem lies. Irrespective of the fact that everyone faces it still nobody takes action against it. Everyone is highly cautious about others' physical health even if for a moment they have to forget about their own. But no one understands what a person with bad mental health goes through. Some might even not know that bad mental health even exists.

The scariest part is that children often skip talking about their mental health to their parents. Because parents have not built a room of open and cordial nature to welcome their child's thoughts and even if there is one some doors are always locked. Sometimes a teenager just wants two ears to listen to all the crap he is going through. At this time pep talk is just not the best thing to do. Adults take adulting so seriously that while talking to a teen they believe that pep talks are always a key point. They forget that they themselves have been through this phase and sometimes you just want the other person to listen that's all. I know that every person reading this will say 'teen years are years to listen and sometimes they are but that sometimes can't always be.

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