Image by Mohamed Hassan from Pixabay 

I am a Wrestler .
Gigantic body structure and
Strong muscles are my main features .
Have incredible skill in martial arts too. My only weakness is the fear
When meeting the opponents .

I am an Orator.
Very Loud voice and
Clear pronunciations are my qualities.
Have advanced degrees in education too. My only flaw is the nervousness
When appear in front of audiences.

I am a Scientist.
Incredible intelligence and Inquisitiveness making me a genius.
Most of the hypothesis deeply learned too.
A minor demerit of mine is
Memory lapse when formulating theories.

I am a Musician.
Excellent sense of rhithm and
Voice clarity are my specialities .
Have a very strong base in classical music too. But only in the bathroom at home
I am showing my maximum talent.

I am a Footballer.
Good ball control and
Storm like advances are my footprints .
All tricks on the field have been practiced too. My one and only minus point is
The trembling when seeing the goalpost.

I am a Revolutionary.
Very good responsiveness and
Leadership skill making me a crowd puller.
Have read a lot of renaissance histories too.
I have only a simple drawback
That is my laziness at crucial times.

I am a Clown.
A bubbly ,funny face and
A sharp wit making me stand out.
Have ability to find humor in anything too. But I am always choosing
Pet animals as my spectators.

I am a Hunter.
Firm athletic hands and
Good eyesight making me a sharp shooter.
Can detect slightest movement of preys too. My one and only recoil side is
The attention shifting while aiming .

I am a Judge.
High cognitive skill and Impartial stand making me a supreme.
All aspects of the laws were memorized too. I have only one shortcoming Which is my immaturity.

Yes,I am an Omniscient.
Having great conditions and Sincere helpfull colleagues beside .
Have a special talent of quick learning too.
But why am I always
Getting pushed back everywhere !!!!

.    .    .