Image by Buono Del Tesoro from Pixabay 

It is past midnight, with a plethora of thoughts entangled in the lattice of mind,

She is apprehensive and uncertain, attempting to get them all aligned..
The thoughts are muddled but the intuition is clear,
Cautious!! she balances them because what others will think is her fear...
It is arduous for her to utter what she thinks at times,
So she comes down in favour of transcribing them in rhymes..
Understanding the specious is burdensome and perplexing, she finds comfort in her own shell,
She is a silent damsel but inside her is a fierce storm, difficult to handle...
An introvert is what she is referred to by her colleagues,
A soul companion who understand the sound of her silence is all she needs...
A paradox she is or perhaps a puzzle too complicated to decipher,
Charming, naive, innocent for one; conceited, dramatic, irritant for other...
A thousand bits of hope together projecting the image of her colossal dreams,
Denying to be cliché is the sound of her hushed screams..
She is questioned, looked down and doubted upon in a manner quite eccentric,
Her self-esteem dwindles, binding her in the cocoon of distress, fear and panic...
Removing the layers from her soul, she finds embers burning tranquil,
Telling her, and making her believe that she should, she can and she will...
She is young; An adult, wise enough having all the facts and figures compiled,
But she still prefers to keep the soul of a child..
She is wild; an untamed savage but with an innocuous lioness hidden inside,
A loud roar ready to emerge from the lips exhibiting a smile ear to ear wide...
She is a free soul; unbound yet captured in the vast multitude of emotions,
Dare to look into her eyes they’ll take you to the depths comparable to oceans...
But now she is fearless, she needs no one's consent,
She will pour out all in her heart with pure intent...
She will choose the road less travelled,
and finally, her soul will emerge THE UNRAVELLED..!!

.    .    .