In this computerised world, many of us have forgotten what actually makes us live an enriched life, nature gave land to every species to fulfill its own needs and requirements.

Not every situation suits animals, overwhelmed circumstances and season changes enormously affect the little ones, newborn animals are supposed to face horrifying situations before being aware of the environment.

During heavy rain, the places get worsened leading animals to seek shelter and safe hiding places and craving for proper food.

Street dogs often encounter risky days, they were not treated well, and are beaten up by some humans.


  1. keep ourselves responsible to use biodegradable plastics, because no degradable plastics affect soil and water bodies, and harmful gases from burning plastics mix with the atmosphere and encounter drastic changes in climate duration and improper duration in seasons.
  2. Avoid deforestation, destroying the habitat of wild animals making sure its return back in many ways, and possibilities of animals enter a city to satisfy their stomachs.
  3. Save street living animals from abuse, youngsters making fun by beating street dogs and hurting them without any hesitation. 
  4. Give a hand to rescue departments, helping the rescue offices with satisfactory funds and manual support.


24 hours ambulance service to take an immediate step to reach the spot where the complaint arose. Having the proper equipment and qualified staff, volunteer, and food supplies.

Rescued animals are transferred to the nearest shelter and provide facilities to first aid the injured ones, being alert to veterinarians.set them in a clean, hygienic place until full cure and free from monitoring.

Caring strays and abandoned pets from outside danger, if people call for a rescue team to surrender puppies even though teams accept the newborns we hen they lost mother, if not any they will die because nourishment from mother should be necessary for young ones, severe actions are taken by the staff to the people who separate a puppy from mother before it dies.

The teams will adopt abandoned animals from streets or even from forests. when necessary, mostly those facing an unfit environment.

To control exploitation in dogs' treatment of ovario hysterectomy for females and for males castration,  days after surgery kept under proper monitoring and care then subside them to the place where it was found.

Facilities to nourish the little ones with standard food.


Animal welfare falls under certain conditions, they are

  1. Empowering correct nutrition regularly.
  2. A sterilized environment and habitat should exist with quality.
  3. Focusing on the health of rescued animals.
  4. Freedom to inhabit according to animal's specific behaviour.
  5. The good mental condition of animals is considered primary health.
Image by Gerhard from Pixabay 
Animals with good mental health and proper behavioural experience are considered welfare indicators.

Animal welfare also includes maintaining animal husbandry and humane treatment. freedom to express normal behaviour and away from hurt, pain, wound, etc...


Animal rights are assumed to prevail, Non-human animals should acquire the freedom to live their life without a part of human's beneficial things,

Animals should not get hurt under human comfort or advantage.


The rescue teams are always well trained to face any sudden disaster to save an animal's life, and the eligible candidate with knowledge in animal care are well trained to grow the animals and cure any disease.

  1. Animal control officer 
  2. Shelter attendant
  3. Wildlife rehabilitator 
  4. Pet adoption specialist

The role of the overall department including these valuable volunteers also works for the department.

Photo by International Fund for Animal Welfare: pexels


Both International and local rescue teams are run as authorized by (WHO), collecting funds from the interested sponsor is the only source to run and maintain the field for years and hope for the animal which needs help and support to survive on earth.


Disposal of medical waste, rehoming, adoption facilities, Animal Birth Control(ABC), Hospital, mobile dispensary, Ambulance service.

Animals are one of the parts, we need to have a friendship bond with all creatures, it is mandatory to save one's life because to balance an earth land.

Everyone must take responsibility to save our earth's living species to have a smooth life.

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