Happiness, financial stability, type of climate Helps one to note the best country to live. Human Development Report determines the Countries which have happiest, healthiest, most Stable population compared in the world. Official U.N Report gives us a report with Various variables like equality among genders., Literacy, average life expectancy and Financial stability. The top places to live in ascending Order , Norway, Switzerland, Australia, Ireland, Germany, Iceland, Sweden, Hong Kong, Singapore, Netherlands. 

  •  Norway is a country encompassing Mountains, glaciers and deep coastal fjords. This is a capital city of green spaces and Museums. Ninth century Viking ships are Displayed at Oslo’s Viking ship museum. Bergen is the starting point for cruises with Wonderful wooden houses. This is good for Fishing, hiking, skiing at Olympic resort. Norway citizens live upwards eighty two Years old. This European country gets Professional help and annual check-ups Necessary for overall health. This has the Highest score on all variables.

  • Switzerland is a mountainous central European country, home to many lakes, Villages and High peaks of Alps. Its cities Contain medieval quarters with landmarks like clock tower and wooden chapel bridge. This has ski resorts and hiking trails . Banking and finance are key industries, Swiss watches and chocolates are world Renowned. This has life expectancy higher than Norway. This lacks fatal diseases present In its residents.

  • Australia is the world’s sixth largest country. This is an oldest, flattest, driest, inhabited Continent with less fertile soils. It has Variety of landscapes and climates with Deserts in centre, rainforest in North East, Mountain ranges in south east. This gets Income from mining, telecommunications, Banking, manufacture, education. The Expansion of British control over this Continent was at nineteenth century. Australia the third best country to live. This country emphasis on education and Importance of going to school. It takes Pride in academic marks. They attend school Twenty years. All children remain enrolled till They complete under graduation. Education Accounts for five percent of country‘s GDP. 
  • Ireland is off coast of England and Wales. This is the birth place of writers like Oscar Wilde and home of Guinness beer. Book of Kells is found in the college library. This is ‘Emerald Isle ‘,has lush landscape , Country has castles like medieval Cahir castle. Dublin is the capital of Ireland. Ireland is one of the safest and best country To live. The level of criminal activity and homicidal Behaviour is bare minimum.

  • Germany is a western European country With forests, rivers, mountain ranges and North Sea beaches. This has two millennia of history. Berlin is the capital to art and nightlife scenes. Brandenburg Gate and sites related to WWII. Munich has skyscrapers, Houses the European Central bank. Germany also has emphasis on education. Entire population has received higher education, With only four percent of people in this country Have not endured post graduation.

  • Iceland is a Nordic island nation. It has Landscape with volcanoes geysers, hot Springs, lava fields. Massive glaciers and National parks. Most of population lives in Capital and runs geothermal power and is Home to National and Saga museum tracing Iceland Viking history. Iceland has good life and healthcare Accessibility. Average life time is eighty three Years age. Some countries have life expectancy Only about forty years. This country has nearly Double.

  • Sweden is a nation with thousands of Coastal islands and inland lakes with boreal Forests and glaciated mountains. Its capital is Coastal. This is built on fourteen islands. This has more than fifty bridges. Medieval Old town Gamla Stan, royal palaces and  Museum as open air Skansen. Sweden has a strong health care and Free education. They focus on growth, equality, Freedom and security. This has great condition For workers as five week vacation and a Government organization to take care of Start up company. This has low rates of Violent crimes. 
  • Hong Kong is one of the densely populated Place of world. This had British colony till 1842. This has commercial ports. This has the highest Per capita income in world. This has large number Of sky scrapers. This is surrounded by the South China sea on all sides except north. This has over two hundred islands. This has grassland, woodland, shrubland, Farmland. This has country park and reserves. Hong Kong is a financial centre with a high Quality of life. This has low taxes, highest income Tax at seventeen percent, useful for business man. This has low crime rate. It is a blend of East and west Cultures with colonial buildings, temples, ancient Traditions and festivals living side by side with Modern public transportation and tall glass Skyscrapers.

  • Singapore is located in south east Asia. It is One degree North of equator, off southern tip Of Malay Peninsula, strait of malacca, west rising Island south China sea to east. This has sixty three Island. This has national policies in education, Housing, politics. This has lowest infant mortality Rates in world. This is named from sanskrit Word for ‘lion city’ ,simhapura. This is good in health care system and country ‘s Life expectancy rates is high. It is a good country to Live along with Denmark.

  • Netherlands is a north west European country. This has flat landscapes of canals, tulip fields, Windmills and cycling routes. Amsterdam is The capital. This is where Jewish diarist Anne Frank hid during WWII. Canal side Mansion and a troves of work from artists remain In city seventeen centuries ‘golden age' . Netherlands is a country which does not Have a wage gap. Inequality rate among wages Is twelve percent which is high. This out does The USA in terms of fair pay across the board. 

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