Image by Joseph Redfield Nino from Pixabay 

21st century, 7.9 billion population, surviving the global pandemic to looking at individuals earning loads of money and self-motivating to reach those places, apart from these, many people around the world suffer from an additional problematic stress of being discriminated, especially the younger generation.

Why especially youngsters? Because more often we see elder people raising their voice against it or letting go the situation. The Attitude of letting go the discrimination or fighting against it, is so strong, let anyone be the oppressor they deal them the way they want. But when it comes to youngsters, they suffer choosing the acceptance or denial. They get into so much of stress as the discrimination happened will somehow intervene in their day-to-day lifestyle.

The feeling of people not loving them because of the way they look, the race they were born in, the sexual orientation they choose to be or the disability they have, holds them in the sad side, making them feel lower, flounder and a failure. The question of their utility as an individual human being haunts them most nights, and that’s what makes discrimination one of the cause for mental stress.

The evolution of humans from great apes, about 7 million years ago, to this date when we are the only known most intelligent species, sounds wonderful. But, here we are still caring about the difference between ourselves.

Do we still really care about the difference? Yes, says the polls conducted through Instagram stories from a college student’s account. About 35% participants say, religious discrimination is most heard type of it in recent times. About 30%, 28% and 9% being gender, racial and disability types of discriminations respectively. Out of total 70 participants between the age group of 18-23, 45 participants (about 65%) have been discriminated at least once in their life time.

On asking when the discrimination will end, most of the participant’s answers conveyed a similar topic , of people having an open mind to accept each other as they are. The base of parenting children about love, humanity and acceptance, can help us in preventing future generations from discrimination, not initially but things will change with time, is what believed by the most.

But before thinking about the generation ahead, we should start changing the perspectives of people in present about discriminating each other into a positive attitude of love and compassion. We should spread the importance of being more humane then just human. Dalai lama said, “Be a good human being, a warm hearted, affectionate person. That is my fundamental belief.” And I believe humanity is most simplest thing , which humans are very much capable of doing. The Act of normalizing the difference and making way for love and compassion is what the immediate need is, and that’ll be the best way to discriminate the discrimination.

In conclusion, we can say discrimination can stand out to be a reason for stress and interventions of an individual. The Mental ability of humans is just not made in a way, to hear people not loving them, or to feel the bias, or to stay at a place of being inferior, just because of them sticking to be different from others. In this way discrimination doesn’t just isolate a person and bring stress & interventions into their daily life, but can also give mental illness-related problems to them.

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