Image by SEBASTIEN MARTY from Pixabay 

Domestication of animals always moved hand in hand with human civilization. After civilization thrived people started understanding human emotion but also relationships with other beings. Humans always has a tendency to socialize and interact which lead to the domestication of animals humans used animals for their use and needs but also kept for security like cows and bulla for plowing fields, sheep for milk and clothes, cows for food and milk, camels and elephants horses for traveling. Soon having multiple animals meant wealth and prosperity as they used to give so many things for supply . Later kingdoms were built animals started to get trained to fight on the battlefield now their used more on the battlefield. Animals again became big assets as we see in the case of Ashoka the Great who gifted 20000 elephants to greek. Animals became humans' biggest friends and sometimes closer than humans to them. As time progressed the use of animals got replaced by technology. Still, we should never forget their contribution to human civilization as in some cultures animals were worshipped like cats in Egypt and cows in India. Without animals the biological cycle wouldn't be complete but as we require them less than in the early time that doesn't mean we should forget to respect them. Animals not only cure depression and sadness but also protect us .now police use animals to sniff bombs and metal they are also used in the army. Last, but not least, but also for entertaining humans like in a circus where animals like lions, tigers, and giraffes are there.

Hence we should never forget the contribution of animals!

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