Can we take a second to praise the Constitution? Yes, we have to praise our Constitution. Because We as the Indians unite forever. Our Constitution provides us with many rights and also protects us from external issues. Many words in the preamble of the Constitution provide a full-fledged country.


We are an Independent people. So, we’re not dependent. No country can provide guidelines for our internal and for our external issues. We have every right in our country. Moreover, membership in the United Nations Organisation is not a barrier to take decisions on sovereignty. So, India can acquire any part of the territory according to modes recognised by International law. Also, India can cede any part of the territory to foreign countries


This term was added by the 42nd Amendment Act in 1976. Indian socialism is a kind of Democratic Socialism. It follows a Mixed Economy to balance the Indian economy. So that, it has a responsibility to end Poverty, Inequality. Indian Socialism is leaning toward Gandhian Socialism. But, due to the economic policy of 1991 which introduced Liberalisation, Privatisation,  and Globalisation. It provides guidelines for the development and growth of our economy.


India is a secular country. The term Secular was added by the 42nd Constitutional Amendment Act of 1976. Although this term was added in 1976, India followed secular nature. The Indian government does not promote any particular Religion as State Religion. Because It will discriminate against minorities. Constitution provides Articles 25 to 28 to freedom of religion so anyone can adopt a new Religion or anyone can give up a Religion or anyone can register as No Religion. Our Political Leaders don't have any chance to discriminate against any religion. If they do that, it’s against the Constitution. So India is a platform to live for all the people who are from different backgrounds and beliefs.


We follow a Democratic Polity. Here particularly, we follow Parliamentary representative democracy. It’s the basic structure of the Constitution. Here, the Executive is responsible for the Legislature. It means the collective responsibility of MPs and MLAs to Parliament and State legislatures respectively. It embraces political, social, and economic democracy.


We have a Head of the State who is elected indirectly for five years. It means we don't have any King or Queen and also the power vested in the hands of people and no privileges can be given to any section of people and open a public office to every citizen without any discrimination.


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We have three dimensions of Justice. There is social, economic, and political justice. Social justice means the treatment of all citizens equally without any discrimination based on caste, religion, gender, or place of birth. Social justice strives to give comfort and improve the conditions of the backward classes such as SC, ST, OBC, and the vulnerable sections like transgender, women, and so on. Then, economic justice means equality of people based on economic status. It means removing the inequality in wealth and income. Political justice means providing that all citizens have equal political rights and equal rights to participate in votes and contest elections.


Liberty means the opportunity to develop oneself fully. It provides to all citizens of India liberty of thought, expression, belief, faith, and worship. It gives some restrictions to citizens while enjoying their freedom.


Equality means provide equal treatment for all citizens irrespective of their caste, creed, race, gender, place of birth and so on. It also means providing adequate opportunities to all individuals in all fields. This preamble provides equality of status and opportunity.


Fraternity means a sense of brotherhood. We have to think of each and every citizen of India as a brother and sister. Our duty is to promote harmony and the spirit of common brotherhood amongst all the people of India. We have to respect each and every one equally.


We have to respect each and everyone’s freedom of belief and action. Because We have our own life. We don’t like anyone’s interference in our life. So we also don’t need to interfere.

We contribute to the development and growth of the economy. We pay taxes, we work as government servants for serving the people, we work as street cleaners, and we take care of our families. We think about the growth of the GDP of our country. Even if we face inflation, we have to stand together to balance it.

We respect every people irrespective of religion. Because we learn this discipline from our elders. We respect not only men and women but also respect transgender, generally LGBTQA.

We can contest in an election if we have certain qualifications. No matter what gender we are. We can vote. These are the things that show us that we achieve a Republic and Democratic State.

Our respectable actions towards society are based on this Preamble only. However, we have to improve a lot. We, as a Younger generation, should build and improve the conditions of our country through our knowledge and honesty.


Our duty is to respect the Constitution. It’s a guide to our life. If we are elder, we have to teach the constitution to our younger ones. So that they can respect everyone. They can protect our society. Each and every line of our constitution is as precious as diamonds. If we keep that diamond in our hearts, we will shine early. Spread kindness.

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