Sketch by Kshitij



I just like to get wet in rain. But my mom says it is not good for kids of my age. She says I will fall SICK, but I don’t believe in this all!!! And if I did then I had to stay at home for a week\]

 because the weather podcast said it was going to rain for the entire week... But I don’t believe in this because how can they just SAY that!!!

Well, today while dispersal I saw the notice board saying that next month we are going to have a football competition and my mother made me register for it.


Today we got a message from the coaches that every Saturday and Sunday and CCA we are going to have football practice!

Also, we got the great news that we are going to have partners and my partner was PRANAV, my classmate. I knew that Pranav is bad at goalkeeping but that’s not the end everyone is bad at goalkeeping except ME!!!


While I was reading "The School Times" I got so shocked that I spit out my hot chocolate. It was given that we are going to have HARD SCHOOL which means that the team that loses the match will have 1-hour extra school and on Saturdays and Sundays, we will have 2 hours of extra school. Reading this I was feeling sick for the whole school, but then our Ma’am said that the football practice was over but still we don’t have CCA session, so now I’ am done with it... But then while I was going out Pranav came to talk something about football. He said that he could come to my house and we could practice more. He said that I could teach him goalkeeping and he could teach me what he knows about football. This was ok with me because now I don’t want to get stuck with the Hard School!!!


Today was my first CLASS with Pranav so I was waiting for him outside since 9 AM and as it was 11 AM my head went off because of the harsh sunlight so I went to my room to rest. I fell asleep sitting and waiting and when I woke up it was 2 PM. I quickly ate my lunch in 15 minutes and returned to my room where Pranav arrived in a while. so now I assume that Pranav arrived late so that I can’t play games...

Today he thought me very basics like dribbling and stuff like that and in return, I had to teach him how to stand while doing goalkeeping because as I have noticed he doesn’t know a single thing about goalkeeping.


Again today he got late but he didn't even show up until 2 PM, so I had to take my cycle to his house which was 10 MILES ahead, and I could not go from our car as our car is at the repair station. I was making up my mind to drive to his house and suddenly Pranav arrived. It’s good I don’t have to drive my cycle!!!


Image by Dimitris Vetsikas from Pixabay 


Well, now one week is done with Pranav teaching me football!!!

And today we have the final MATCH. I think we have really bad because at the start itself the other team was about to make a goal but I managed to take the ball from them and also made one goal. After 10 minutes our team had 15 points and the opposite team had 25 points. Soon the captain decided to make me the goalkeeper and that was actually good because I could kind of defeat all the players.

Reaching the end our match score was 50 - 50 so now it was like whoever got the last goal would win so now I wasn't the goalkeeper. One of our teammates snatched the ball, ran towards the goal, passed the ball to me, and then we WON!!! We got the trophy!!!

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