Image by Pexels from Pixabay 

I have always believed that the purest form of writing from your heart, is when you write a diary. Those personalised little objects can carry memories of a lifetime. An old torn diary of yours can have your top secrets uninfected by the passage of time. Your body and mind can wipe your memories. But a diary will remind you of your words even after ages. Remember the diary of Anne Frank which documented the life of people during World War 2. The girl is no more, but her diaries made her eternal. Every writer has this ability to remain eternal. Their existence is imprinted upon the world through their works. Some write autobiographies documenting their entire life to claim their existence for infinity. But what I like most about diaries is that it captures the moment-just like a camera pictures something. Before a camera, we sometimes make an effort to be presentable for a picture, but a diary doesn’t demand any conscious effort to write something. It happens just like that. As thoughts have a natural rhythm to flow, so is your diary! It is true that diaries shape your identity. You can witness your growth through the flickering pages of a diary. You can ascertain how far you have come in your life. You can also check how your dreams and perspectives are changing over time. We may forget those silly dreams, exciting moments, happiest days and even vengeances, but a diary will remind you of everything and will make you laugh at a later moment of your life. The sheer nostalgia that can be brought back to life with diaries are priceless. Diaries thus indeed make our life more beautiful, colourful and warm. With that once favourite two line song in your diary, you can time travel to those olden days. These cheap time machines sometimes witness a murder, suicide or even a state of depression. God knows what.

Diaries sometimes become a vital part in movies. We see how these personalised objects become a crucial clue for solving puzzles and riddles in movies. The transformation of diaries into Chekov’s gun makes our movies more interesting to watch. That vital part that becomes the turning point. Diaries are even portrayed as killers also. One little object carrying the life of a human thus becomes a mystery box with thousand faces. Literature also makes use of these wonder boxes in various ways. Protagonists or major characters with a habit of diary writing is no wonder. There are books that are written in the form of diaries itself. Thus we can admit the fact that literature, arts and entertainment are some among the many fields that often experiment with the power of these little books. One must not underestimate the capacity of diaries to siphon our energies into fixed ink marks. Be it mental augmentation, physical recreation or spiritual hunt, your diaries are the most reliable source to depend on and balance your life. Sometimes it also acts as our easy handbooks and helps you with the to-do list, reminding you of the things you want to do.

The divinity of diaries is also something that we need to look upon. Diaries often become those messengers of holy transcripts when they showcase what needs to be done in our lives. They lead us to follow our right paths and inform us of the wrong paths with their experiences. Diaries, thus can be nicknamed as eye openers in such cases. They induce in us a thought to awake and look over matters more carefully, before jumping into conclusions fast. We travel miles and to distant fantasy lands on the wings of our diaries. Those are reminders for us to kindle that dim light of dreams and start working for it. A glass to look at past lives is what they are, stress busters. Diaries force you to kick out all your emotions without giving them a chance to pent up in your heart or mental crevices.

A gift of writing style is what diaries offer us as an extra. Those who keep a habit of putting their thoughts into words have a high chance to develop a quality writing style. Be it your silly thoughts, dreams, complaints, worries and feelings, grab your pen and diary, make a try. Write those super silly quotes that randomly get to your mind about this chaotic life. You will feel better. The relief that they offer by giving a way to your thoughts to flow is something that is incomparable. You don’t need to be a good speaker or philosopher, but you can create and develop your own zone of literary world with diaries. Let your energies somersault and your moments thrive with the increment of speed of your handwriting. Stop galloping over the repetitive thoughts, start imprinting them in your diaries forever. They deserve to be written down. Not everyone will be a writer, but learn to be a guide of your thoughts and life with this exciting habit. Stop being unhinged to the celebrations around you, learn to transform that to memories of a lifetime. Let there be whirlpools of tumult and confusion rising in your mental spheres, but learn to give that time and space to settle down and calm yourself. Those flinches of a second must not decide your future. Be ready to write and think and settle down with your thoughts. The resolution to let go of things in your life is a rare boon only diaries can offer us. Learn to make the process of thoughts slow. People sometimes end their lives within a fraction of a second. Learn to be on par with your thoughts. Learn to know more about you. And the best thing to do is to develop the habit of diary writing. Embrace your thoughts and give life to it. Keep a diary and explore the depth of the ocean inside you. Reach out to the inner self of you to find the person inside. Do not scroll down with your life, make it a sparkling experience. Let the dark and bright aspects of your existence unveil before you. Document them as references to make the future a better place for you to occupy. Navigate your thoughts and keep a track on them. Let your spirits be up and emotions on hold with this awesome experience.

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