Photo by Mikhail Nilov: pexels

Humanity in people of this era is very scarce to find, people disregard everything for their selfishness. In this course, one of the many things which get affected is the animal world. Brutally beaten-up dogs and other animals are thrown away in an abandoned alley due to inhumane actions by some people. Some might describe it as 'actions due to rage of anger' but is that the justification?

Justifications for this are truly disappointing and heartbreaking to hear. Injuring these poor animals who do not have the means of strength as we humans possess, and to some extent killing them too for fun or by accident is something we should be ashamed of.

Many community psychologists have taken up projects to build shelters for these animals and provide them food and proper training and later give them to eligible masters.

Animal Rescue, is the first step in this mission. 

These organisations that rescue these stray pets attempt to aim for pet adoption and find suitable homes for them. These groups take unwanted, abandoned, abused, or stray pets and attempt to provide them care including- training, playing, handling medical issues, and solving behavioural problems. These organisations are not only restricted to stray pets but also wild animals. Animal rescue organisations have also been created to rescue and rehabilitate wild animals such as lions, tigers, and cheetahs. Widely recognised as an 'Umbrella Organisation' for animal rescue groups, is a good example of an online adoption agency across the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Animal Care and Welfare, is the second step.

This is something we can all day do in our daily life:

  • check on the animals daily
  • monitoring their health conditions
  • maintaining and cleaning out their houses like kennels
  • grooming them
  • provide them food with a good nutritional balance

There are other certain things we should keep in mind while caring about animals.

  1. Empathy is the art of putting yourself in someone's shoes. when dealing with animal welfare you need to understand and consider what these poor animals went through and analyse their emotions.
  2. patience and sensitivity are very important features as animals have a natural need or tendency to protect themselves from potential threats, which is why they can act aggressively towards humans. In this case, you have to give them ample amount of time to habituate to their new environment.
  3. good communication is the key to getting close to the pets and understanding them.

it's very unfortunate to know that so many animals are still getting abused every single day. Animal cruelty can take several different forms, but the impact on these poor animals is the same. They get traumatized and start having trust issues with the new trainer who has good intentions. Humans should realise that feelings and emotions aren't just a subject which is restricted to them only. Animals can feel the same feelings and emotions and often at a higher scale.

So let's collectively stand up for animal rescue, care, and welfare.

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