Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay 

You are most beautiful when you wake up
From bed with oily nose and swollen eyes.
Dallying before tying your hair up,
And before tightening your bosoms high.

You are adorable with your skin color,
With dimples, pimples and even bruises.
It is your broad, open, loud, fearless,
Flawless and thrilling smile that muses.

You are appealing with your messy hair,
Sweating forehead and parched lips.
While relaxing on haunches by window
And hydrating yourself with water sips.

You are glamorous with the inner shine,
That tint your heart and let you glow.
It is your scars that scatter sunbeam
And let the Sun all its color know.

You are gorgeous from your heart,
From your mind and generous soul.
You have your own smell and smoke like
The one pervades through embers of coal.

.    .    .