Image by Juraj Varga from Pixabay 

It was a tough time for all of us. A new form of learning came into existence. Those interactive and physical classes now became a dream. It wasn't easy to attend those pathetic and boring online classes where you always have to make sure when to keep your mic and camera off. We missed going out and attending social gatherings and cultural events. Some of us spent our birthday at home attending video calls and zoom meetings. This time, we only had memories, of how we spent our day with friends, and fam, enjoying ourselves. Everything became unusual. As for the last year's students, they were joyful, and made some plans for their last year, little did they know, they won't be going to their school, won't be getting a farewell, won't be able to see their batch mates together for the last time. Farewell too became one of their dreams. We became frustrated, feeble, and felt hopeless after watching what was actually going around.

When the school opened for just a short span of time, we were thrilled. Waiting for our board exams. But by April, once again we got ourselves into big trouble, again we found ourselves at home, with that online mode of teaching . . Things became more bad when the exams were postponed. We found ourselves in a dilemma "should we study for board exams or not?" . . . Cancellation of exams followed by the result was extremely surprising. Result was very unfortunate this time . . Some got more than what they expected and some got just less than their efforts.

But, what's more important is that we made it. Whether it was just an academic year, it's really appreciable . . No need to explain to others about how much effort you made, it isn't necessary. If they are judging you on the basis of your result, then feel sorry for them . . Simple is that, according to them. If you are getting above 90 - "it's all about sheer luck", below 90 - " you should have worked hard". Why explain them and what to?

It's better that you focus on your entrance exams or any other exam that you are about to give now. These marks will not decide your future.

Wishing you all the best for your future.

With love.

.    .     .