I woke up.., It was 2:00 AM. The 17th of September,2029.

Checked my inbox, and I had a text from mom and dad “Happy

Bday Dear…(with some emojis)”, and of-course notification from Facebook.

Though my room was filled with friends since last night, I felt alone…

Felt sad and melancholic.

Everyone was sleeping. I left my room and took a walk to a nearby park under the drizzling dark sky.

Sat on a bench in the open. Maybe expecting something… What….??? , I Didn’t know. My inner self was kind of unsatisfied. My sixth sense was trying to tell me something.

What I didn’t know at that time was that this Birthday is not only going to be my best but it's gonna change everything, everything about me, everything about my friends, everything about my loved ones, and all of humanity…

As I was sitting on the bench, I felt someone was behind me. I turned back only to get amazed. It was Elsa…

Or to be exact, my crush…

I was frozen for a second.

Just imagine…

Standing in the middle of open, with cool breeze blowing while the chilling drops of rain drizzling on you standing under the street light.

And in that beautiful instance, your eyes see the one person you always dreamt of, looking at you getting soaked in the rain.

I didn’t know what to say.

She said “Hey…, Happy Birthday!”

Photo by Tiến Trần: pexels

I said, “Thank you!!, By the way, w…wh…what are you doing here at this time??”

She replied, “Isn’t that obvious, I’m here to wish you.” I had no answer, I thought she didn’t even know my name.

I asked, “Are you crazy??”

“Yes, Crazy about you. Will you be my Boyfriend??”, she asked.

And my answer was going to be the butterfly that was about to bring a cyclone into the timeline…

{Oh…, I did not introduce myself to you the reader

(Breaking the 4th wall.)

By the way, I am Marty McFly…

Not the one from “Back to the Future”}

And as expected from a desperate teenager the answer was an obvious “YES”…

“Cool, Maybe this was the best proposal ever!”, she said and started laughing.

“Shall we go on a date today evening then??”, she asked. “Okay”, I said and was about to shake hands with her but she pulled me, kissed and ran away with a shy laugh. I stood there for a minute frozen, thinking whether it was a dream.

Then left with a smile on my face…

Elsa Smith, a girl in my college who always got the top grades…

After our first date, I got to know about her more and more.

Though I was not an intellect as her, she was my type. Not so Romantic, Interested in science, and a huge fan of Einstein. She understood relativity in the first read.

We got closer and closer…

We introduced each other to our parents, and became Junior Lecturers in University of Oxford.

Got married in 2033.

Life was beautiful.

Time passed on and it was 2040, we both were promoted to professors in University of Oxford.

We spent time researching about space-time, The fabric of gravity and Time travel.

Every time we tried there was one unknown constant in our way, one fucking “X” was the only thing making time travel impossible.

Years passed,

Finally, she found out the value of the constant…

It was like Newton discovering the Gravitational constant but in a bigger scale.

But the twist came next when Elsa left without a sign… It was like she never existed.

I got the Noble Prize. But they never mentioned Elsa’s name.

I felt guilty cuz she was the one who found the value. I was sad and depressed for a few years but I had to move on.

The time machine would take a long time, like Newton discovering gravity and the Wright brothers inventing Flying Machine… For a long time,I may not be present on that day but I would be remembered, but not Elsa.

The guilt was haunting me.

17/09 was made the “INTERNATIONAL DAY OF TIME”.


Life was normal from then, until 10 years later something really big happened.

On my 60th Birthday or 10th DOT.

Someone knocked my door, I thought it would be some news reporter, I opened the door and I couldn’t believe my

eyes, it was Elsa but….but she was young like when I met her. A TEENAGER…

I thought it was a hallucination and closed the door. I turned back to my chair and there she was again sitting on the chair.

I went to wash my face and now I can hear her.

“How are you? Why are you ignoring me?”, she asked.

I can hear her everywhere,it was like she was everywhere. I thought something was wrong with me and went to my bed to take rest. There she was again,

Now I tried to talk,

“Who are you??”, I asked.

“I am Elsa, and I am real not your imagination.”, she replied. “Okay then do something that can prove that you are real.”, I said.

She took the glass and threw it on the ground, it broke and I took a small piece and scratched it on my arm.

And within no time my arm started bleeding,

Then I realised she was real, but what she was doing was not even near to reality.

“Yes, you are real, but why did you leave me that day?, How did you become so young?, How are you appearing anywhere?”, I asked in a breaking and afraid voice. “Don't panic’, She said, “I am here to explain you everything”.

“I don’t belong here.”, she started explaining.

“I am from the year 3186, nearly 1000 years after the invention of the first working TimeMachine, Built by one of your students. It had a very less efficiency.

Two Nuclear power plants were built just to power the time machine.

As Nuclear power was only about 1% efficient we needed a new source of power. Then we learnt how to store and use

Anti-Matter which had 100% efficiency.”

“What happened then??”, I asked.

“Then there was an organisation formed by the government to figure out what to do with that technology.

First, they were used for Scientific research only.

Then slowly they figured out that many incidences that happened In the past were influenced by the future and every major event had our involvement, and they started to recreate the same to maintain the timeline.

The people who were recruited to travel in time are called The Travellers.

By that time the TimeMachines were so small like a chip that could be inserted into the brain, Just like Elon Musk did with Smartphones and that’s how the first Fourth Dimensional beings came into existence.

Only The Travellers were given the mind-controlled time chips, And slowly it also gave business opportunities and Time Tourism became famous.

People were monitored so that they don’t change any of the timelines with their actions.

All of this happened in the first 300 years. In the next 700 years, Humans evolved to be 5th-dimensional beings.

4 special and 1-time Dimension.”

“So I am talking to a 5D-human??”, I asked.

She said “Yes, I am a 5D being and also a Traveller”

“So what incident did you change in the timeline?”, I asked.

She said, “My job was to help you figure out the constant which will help your student to create a time machine and eventually make humanity 5 Dimensional.”

“But you were the one who found it, I just helped you. So technically you are the one who deserves The Noble prize.”, I said.

She replied, “But I learnt it in college from the book you wrote. It's a loop, or as you call it a paradox, a bootstrap paradox. The information was never created, it always was and will be in the loop forever, for which we don’t know the start.”

“So how did you change your age??”, I asked.

“I am a 5D being, I can change my age and travel in time as easily as you walk, and also I can see everything, through the wall and even through you, just as easily you can see a 2D being.

I can appear and disappear anytime.

What you are seeing is not me, just a 3D projection of me. Like Your shadow on a wall is a 2D projection of you, to be exact, you are seeing my shadow, not me.”, She said.

“So what are the main incidences you were involved in??”, I asked.

She said, “I can’t reveal that to you, now I have to go, I will never return, my job here is completed, BYE….”, she said in a sad voice and disappeared…

I still had many more doubts.

But of course, I was never getting any answers. All I could do is wonder what major changes were happening and had happened due to the invention of TimeMachine.

Were they immortal..???

Maybe it was them ‘THE TRAVELLERS’ who helped Egyptians build Pyramids.

Maybe Time Loops and paradoxes in Time travel are just like dust raised by a fast-moving car on road.

Maybe they helped our ancestors build huge monoliths.

Maybe they were the ones who caused Word Wars. Or maybe Hitler was a traveller.

Maybe they were the gods who our ancestors and we pray to. Or is it just a coincidence that Albert Einstein’s wife’s name also was Elsa?

Maybe we don’t have any free will as we expect, maybe they are controlling every step we take…

Maybe Yes, or Maybe not but as much as we know, the answer is always, WE NEVER KNOW.

.    .    .