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“Accept and not abstain
Believe and not bereave
Commence and not conclude”,
Elucidated my contemplation.

Do human demands own the ocean or need the ocean? Whose thirst gains higher priority? Whose thirst can turn out to be more fatal in due course of time? What our desires correspond to? Are they like an enlightening lamp? Or do they resemble furious flames of forest fire?

Having an urge to have desires ourselves; we need to bring into account the cravings of everyone and everything around us. This can be possible only when humans understand that aspirations are not unique to our kind. We need to recollect the mistakes in the past and still repeated in the present. We need to reject because bold allegations can demolish the mindsets that desire nothing but luxury. We need to renovate because restoring order is more important than overthrowing crisis. We need to revive belief because a pinch of faith within every soul can regenerate the sanctity of fathoms deep oceans. The hazardous politics of this world owns the potential to dry the tears of Environmentalism but is impotent of wiping it. But every human being with a true sense of dignity for the saline water and its inhabitants can wipe his or her own tears. What sounds truer? Is it humans’ rights over the oceans? Or is it humans’ censorship over the ocean? Having developed over a long geological course of evolution, humans feel that they are special. This feeling of speciality transforms diversity into hierarchy, rights into censorship, democracy into dictatorship and achievements into corruption. Customary conversations concentrate upon either confrontation or concurrence. As if it is all a business. At this very moment, we are impotent of comprehending the compassion of the ocean. Thus, we are not able to define a confluence with the miseries around us because our pride and insecurity prevent us from doing so. When we boil water, germs encapsulated get exposed and inactivated. When we heat further, a time would come when all the water would evaporate leaving behind not even a drop to quench. So, it is very important to switch off the flames. Otherwise, just wait to be enclosed within a coffin adorned with white beauties. I am afraid whether James Masefield of the twenty second century would literally find a sea to return to. I am spooked when I see the image of families fighting for property, priority and privileges. What we fail to grasp is that every soul residing on the globe is just a beggar. Some people realize this before the flood and some realize after the flood. With respect to what persists now, even worse shall be encountered a century or two hence. The scenario then would face an acute shortage of mineral, water and soil resources. This scarcity would eventually; moment by moment, day by day, month by month, week by week, year by year, decade by decade, century by century, millennium by millennium; engulf life. We the humans, embody the ink of wants which, when bounded by the cartridge of wisdom, turns into that machinery of needs that prints the imagery of life. The 103,950 km3of freshwater, readily available for varied human uses, can flawlessly feed about twenty generations. What bothers lovers of environment is “What next?”

“The truth sensed by Coleridge And advent of apocalypse
All curses shall redeem When in nature’s deem
Humans would lose all their self-esteem”,
Envisioned my eyes

“Hope that we inhale
And encouragement that we exhale
Prevent the world from being stale”,
Reflected the very function of my nose

IEEP, AEO for youth, Sendai Framework DRR, and TACC undertaken by UNEP can never be successful in reviving a healthy ecology until three things come into action. Digital Green and Waste Ventures in India can never bring about considerable development until three things come into action. National parks and wildlife sanctuaries cannot withstand threat to biodiversity until three things come into action. They are unity, wisdom and hope. The holy Bible says, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” So, unity is important for bringing together drops of introspection to build the ocean of greatness. A great mind once deliberated, “A smart person knows what to say, a wise person knows whether to say or not”. Thus, when we read about judicious and optimum utilization of resources in the Geography textbooks, it is all a by-product of wisdom. In her concluding speech to the white house, Michelle Obama said that many people including plenty of folks like her and her husband, start with very little. But with a good education and hope to build a nation worthy of our boundless promise, anything is possible; even becoming the president. Therefore, hope is inevitable while seeking profound solutions to difficult problems. It is necessary to understand that we cannot blame any creation of Mr. Stan Lee for 36 million deaths due to starvation.

“When infinite are on end
Which superhero shall you condemn?
We would be blamed to descend
A history of megalomaniacs
And a future that only lacks”,
Uttered the frolic of my tongue

“Why blame a bent canopy
When the roots are not sturdy
Why do humans mourn when they get everything?
Of which they are not worthy”,
Rustled the wind blowing past my hands.

Can we overthrow hunger? Can we expand the land area? Do we have another planet to inhabit? But we can always upgrade the land use pattern. Remember that till date, it is just one sphere we are accustomed of, potent enough to support a smooth life. No ultimate substitute has yet knocked the doors of NASA. 41.3% of world’s total land

area is imprisoned in the claws of desertification with 35.5% of global population inhabiting these dry lands. These dreaded habitats and the hordes of people homeless worldwide represent how seriously Multi-National Companies execute their Corporate Social Responsibility. They earn in billions but spend in outdated currencies. They just speak about welfare but can go to any illegitimate extend for soaring profits. What is the use of being humans when we cannot be humane? What is the use of being the only species to own the Neurofrontal Cortex which enables us to imagine the plight, joy and interests of everyone and everything around us? There are two types of flowers blossoming in this world? The first kind are resistant to diseases and the second are a bit weak to combat diseases. What is but respecting the codes of civilization? Is it annihilating the meeker and bowing to the mightier? Or is it enabling the meeker to rise without hating the mightier?

“People fight for land
They admire alluvium
And resent sand
Who can but harvest tonnes of rice?
In Thar’s dry land”,
Whispered my stomach.

“Success or failure is not the end of a journey
But commencement of a new voyage
Unless you again battle the obstacles imposed
How can recognition be conferred
For limited is life’s length
But unlimited is its breadth”,
Boldly exclaimed my feet,
As they fearlessly stamped the thorns underneath.

When somebody inquires whether mankind is potent enough to conserve the environment, what sort of reply does the person expect? Does one expect a blatant yes or no? Does he seek a logical elucidation framed out of current statistics? Does she expect a powerful writing, speech or action invoking emotional bondage within

7.7 billion people for effective resource management? Our hearts become permeable to intense trauma when we watch people starving to death and begging for a few drops of water from a million gallons that we waste everyday taking undue benefits of abundance and uneven distribution. Luck favours none until deeds are not done. Our

actions shape our identity in a society. Extraordinary identities outlive people, either attracting humble regards or bitter insults for such people until generations to come. Last year all we could do is brutally torture, hunt and poach. Then with crocodile tears in our eyes, we waved our hands to the alluring Po’o-ulis, Alagoas Foliage-gleaners and Cryptic Tree hunters. This year we wait with pride to do the same with Vaquita porpoises, the legendary Amur Leopard, Gorillas, Sea turtles, Orang-utans, Sumatran elephants, and so many deserving a mention in this list. The more the devil has, the more he wants. This so called beautiful home of ours tolerates about 215million people being human trafficked so as to be used as bonded sex workers and forced street beggars. Every time, we cannot depend on the Death Valley National Park for

protecting Her Majesty’s most favourite Primroses from permanent extinction but we can always depend on unified realization. In the words of Oprah Winfrey, “A new time is on the horizon.” But who knows I this new time would invite successful reforms or mark the beginning of destruction. It all depends on the moves made.

“Learn if you can
Answer if you can
Conclude if you can
Dawn once more if you can”,
Urged all the strength in my body to the one who wills to listen…

.    .    .