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Lifestyle is a broad term to discuss in today’s generation but let’s begin from the basic question arising when this topic is often brought up in the community. What exactly do you think makes up for a good or satisfactory lifestyle when the masses are either influenced or competing against each other to live a life of luxury or passion? Money providing the essential or the fitness or well-being that leads to achieving a peaceful work-life balance. On the path of seeking a brighter future, most of us fall prey to easy routes neglecting the overall health which form the essential element of living a life that’s meaningful and can impact the entire generation.

The world is changing with the advancement of technology; the universal paradigm is shifting from following the pattern which has been taught to us either by our ancestors or by our parents. We’ve trapped ourselves within the cage of the wishes and desires of the people in our surrounding that we’ve forgotten the trivial yet the most significant fact—our perception to create and evolve is our choice. What we do today expands beyond the horizon of time paving a way for things and comfort to exist or cease to stop happening. From an Instagram influencer to a fitness trainer or an Author telling stories, people are inspiring one way or other but it’s how one recipient responds to having access to this mind-brewing information, which makes a case study for another time. Today, let’s dig into the pros and cons of the digital lifestyle. It’s either opening the doors of opportunities or creating a mindset to lead or decay before even walking on the eggshells.

Life at a glance is a product of every good or bad action; but is it sticking to the world of television or is it staying behind the desk operating a machine or taking orders from the bosses? Where’s the element of peace in this broadest aspect we intend to live? A hot steaming cup of coffee or the tub of your favorite ice-cream which you probably drink or dig in right after you finish the magnificent or the terse tasks. It’s there somewhere in the middle of the ruckus or routines we’ve trapped ourselves into calling it as our daily lifestyle. We’re insusceptible to breaking the shackles of chains rather we get used to the malicious styles we see or hear from others. The universe has come a full circle where an invisible virus forced the government to shut down the entire world and all that was known suddenly appeared to be a hollow end. Nothing we did or believed in mattered other than our prayers which saved most of us. Our ambivalence prevented us from moving on to bigger prospects because we were thrown into the pit of reality of how truly short life can be and if we don’t improve our methods we might be annihilated and all that will remain are dead ends to our childish or immature living means.

Each and every person on this planet has a code of living; some find digital life worth exploring and others find the fictional world as the main source of entertainment. In either way we’re inching closer to what our purpose in life is and that’s to be mindful, resilient, and nonchalant towards situations, meant to test our persistence to lead a lifestyle we’ve come to love. A bluff master can’t stop gloating but a weaver of dreams is a go-getter and an achiever of peace. Hence, live a life that's not financially benefitting or entertaining but emotionally fulfilling and inspiring and the only way to find peace is through the articulation of thoughts and feelings. A healthy mindset creates a healthy lifestyle, diet, perspective and above all, a humanistic personality.

"Graceful heart becomes an agile design of life."

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