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India took another step towards Covid research. On Sunday (16 August 2020) doctors at AIIMS Bhopal conducted first autopsy of dead body of Covid patient. The main aim of the autopsy was to examine the dead body and to do further research on Covid. The research was to identify for how long the viruses stay in the affected body, to what extend it can affect the body and which parts of body are affected.

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For the research AIIMS Bhopal had taken permission from ICMR. They provided them all the details and safety measures that were to be taken during the autopsy. After which they got the permission. During the research doctors used PPE kits and followed the guidelines directed by ICMR to prevent the spread of the virus. The research went for around 2 hours by the team of doctors.

But why Autopsy?
It is done to examine the cause of death because the reason is unknown or it was an unexpected death. The doctor examines the remains inside and out to collect samples and figure out the cause. It is requested by a coroner. In many cases police have to be informed as well as & have to get involved in the case. Autopsy is done before the medical certificate of death is issued.

How Autopsy will help in Covid Research?
The research will help to understand the biology of the disease and the range of damage to organs. It also laid out in detail that it damages to the thin layer of cells and many researches helped to observe that it also develop multi organ failure which can leads to death. It also showed many other syndromes that were found in ARDS. The research also brings new light into pathophysiology of Covid- 19 which offers justification for the treatment.

Law for Autopsy
An autopsy is requested by the police under Section 174 of Cr. Pc. which states that if a person has unexpectedly died or killed, the in charge of the Police Station in that particular jurisdiction has the authority by the State Government to claim the body for autopsy and collect proper evidence of the body to know the cause of death.
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According to Bhopal AIIMS Director Dr. Sarman Singh, autopsy could tell that which parts of body has been affected and how and how much it is affecting the heart, lungs, mind and other parts of body.