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World’s longest and epic bus journey that would take a traveller to 18 countries of world brings Adventures overlands. It is the first ever hop on hop bus service. The bus journey will be starting in May 2021 that will be commencing the Delhi - London bus service. It was announced by a Gurugram based private tourist company covering 20,000 km in 70 days spanning 18 countries on the 74th independence day of India. Adventures Overland is set to embark on an adventure this is sure to cherish the visitors.

Such experience comes at a price! The most important part – cost. If a person opts for full 70 days journey it will cost him Rs. 15 Lakhs per person. Apparently a 20 seater special bus service has business class seats for this trip. However, if you choose anybody of the 4 legs, the value in keeping with man or woman tiers between Rs 3.5 lakh to Rs 4.95 lakh. Now coming to the path, the Delhi-London bus journey will begin from the countrywide capital in India and will proceed to Myanmar, Thailand, China, Uzbekistan, Russia, Czech Republic, and Germany and will eventually conclude in London.

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In between the journey all the hotels will be on twin sharing basis in 4 star or 5 star hotels across various countries. And a proper crew will be on board to assist the travellers in almost all the situations whether is it currency exchange, getting local sim cards and more. The guide will change at regular intervals for the wholesome experience during the trip.

The company is also responsible for arranging the visas for all of the passengers. Simply so that you know, the journey will be divided into four classes and passengers will be able to pick one-of-a-kind destinations in keeping with their choice depending at the package they select.


Tushar Agarwal and Sanjay Madan, two travel enthusiasts, who took a road trip to London in 2017, 2018 and 2019, are the brain child behind this idea.

In 2010, they turned dreams into reality and became the first Indian to achieve this feat after concluding a road to Delhi from London. In the last 10 years, since launching Adventures Overland with Sanjay Madan, we have driven in farfetched corners of our planet and have had numerous opportunities to share our joy of travel with other like minded people from around the country.

Besides other driving expeditions to other placed, they have conducted 3 back to back seasons of Road To London, an epic road trip as part of which they have taken convoys of vehicles from India all the way to London covering 16000 kilometers through 18 countries.

And someone has rightly said when one dream comes true, we start dreaming of bigger things, we are no different. After making a fulfillment of street to London, they began taking into account developing something even extra exciting and ground-breaking. So they racked their brains to arrange something larger than existence and a historic adventure that not only challenge them, but will give them another opportunity to prove to themselves, that nothing is impossible if you set your heart and thoughts into it.

They then thought of launching hop on hop off bus service from India all the way to London. A bus which goes through all the continents, countries and time zones. And one is able to get on and off whenever they wish. A bus service that takes through those parts of the world which are almost impossible to access by train or plane. A journey where one can experience unique cultures, explore the landscapes and terrain that were beyond their knowledge.

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But this was not the only bus with such an epic journey. Even in April 1957 a bus was started from Calcutta to London. The route was taken by Albert Travel bus through England, Belgium, West Germany, Austria, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, West Pakistan and India. It also provided many facilities of reading, sleeping, radio, and pleasure for parties and many other things. And one way price from London to India was 85 pounds (Rs.8100 approx. present day.)