Image by Myriams-Fotos from Pixabay 

Learning on faith in difficult situations can help us overcome even the most trying and challenging times that we will face during our life, however often things don’t go according to plan and we can be left feeling hopeless broken and desperate and as soon as we read quote or book on inspiration, motivation, manifestation, spirituality, Law of Attraction then our faith increases again.

life is full of obstacles and amazing wonders but when you trust in God then even the biggest problem gets solved easily and when the same faith starts to waver then we are surrounded by problems then it seems that life is over now.

Once a man asked God that I worship you so much then if I am in trouble, Will you save me,? God said that I will always protect you.

One day the village was flooded, along with the whole village the man also started drowning in water, somehow he climbed a tree and started praying to God that Lord saves me, then a sailor came on the boat and asked him to sit on the boat the man refused that, no, you go, my God will come to save me. Similarly, one pilot with a helicopter flying in the sky asked him for rescue he refused him too, and in the end, he died by drowning in the water after that he met God in heaven and he asked God very angrily, “Oh God I prayed for you to protect me but you did not come to save me.” God smiled and told him that, it was me who had brought the boat and the helicopter, that man understood the whole thing. He realized his mistake and apologized to God.

Similarly, whenever we are surrounded by any problem in life God always comes to show us the way in some form or the other and this is possible only when we have faith in God.

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