Image by Markus Winkler from Pixabay 

Perhaps the most sparkling definition of 'Feminism', is one of the 21st century's most missed and also abused misunderstood words. A feminist is a person someone who believes in social, political, and economic equality of the sexes. Today, feminism comprises three waves dealing with political equality, legal and professional equality, and finally, social equality. And social equality is something we cannot achieve unless every person fights for it irrespective of gender. Feminists need more foot soldiers and it is time, the world took note of how men, for their own sake, can be feminists too; should be, rather? The men would be the first to acknowledge who practices feminism every single day, their kindness needs to be rewarded because propagating equality of the sexes is not so much a favor to anyone as it is a principle worth fighting for.

Feminism includes words like compassion and empathy and looking into ones' self. It is still evolving. Feminism, the term, was derived because there was a need to make people realize that those female fetuses had the right to live and that those little girls had the right to education. Feminism meant being proud of a female and doing everything keeping your head high, no matter if you are a homemaker, an actress, an entrepreneur, or a teacher. As the saying goes â€śReal Queens fix each other's crowns." They don't tear each other down, they don't feel the need to bring others low to feel high." Feminism is not about gender it is not against men but all it is against is patriarchy. Feminism is multicultural and diasporic. It is more than a voice of protest or questioning. It is moral self-reflection, a conquering of inner focus, and a realization of self-worth. It is a challenge to patriarchy and male domination. All feminists against all odds should break themselves free of oppressive social norms. 

Feminists must stop considering it synonymous with male-hating, men-bushing, and female superiority. False definitions like giving equal rights to women mean having to give up their own rights or it is not 'manly' to be a feminist or if women prefer having kids and being a housewife is not feministic, or feminism is a women's issue, is widely accepted and is easily the reason the word feminism has acquired such a negative connotation. The subjective definition of the word feminism has been a topic of debate for years perhaps centuries and with the various arguments over what the word means, the true meaning of the term has been lost. The word "feminism" has been dragged through the mud and has been misunderstood by so many people the world over, irrespective of gender, but if we are to see; greater strides in equality for all, it is necessary to stop taking it as a joke and address major misconceptions, and include all genders in our quest to attain true equality.

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