Image by Terri Sharp from Pixabay 

When I was a kid, my teacher asked me to write my thoughts on "if I were a bird". The only reason behind this topic was to make me understand the importance of independence and liberty but is it enough to be physically independent or our thoughts should be independent too?

There is a saying that "Who dares not speak his free thoughts is a slave",  which is actually true. An intelligent person or a person who is blessed with leadership qualities would never follow anything without knowing the answer to his/her WHY.

Speaking your mind makes you free from all kinds of regrets, it is a sign of Honesty. Honesty is rare and it should be appreciated.

Thoughts are those gems which are not supposed to be kept in a box instead we should share and celebrate them.

If you are a free thinker, you have to say it out loud. People will judge you, put you down, and will say bitter things but you are the one who has to stand by yourself

Thoughts are not criminals who are supposed to be put behind bars but it is something that is meant to be admired like a sky full of stars.

It should be free from all kinds of Beliefs, traditions, authorities, etc. and One should be open to change

Free thoughts are like a firefly who glow in darks and reflect the positivity and inspires us to fight the darkness.

I want to share a few lines to conclude that I wrote for a free thinker:

Before my wish, before my delight
for the right thing, I am always ready to fight
I know I'll fall down again and again,
I am ready to face the danger of pain
if I am right then I am not going to tolerate the blame
 yes it's my Habit
Oh yes, I claim...
Don't keep your thoughts in a cage and start treating them like the birds in the sky whose wings are supposed to fly high.

Thank you.

.    .    .