Image by Daniel Reche from Pixabay

I define myself, as a touch of tender care, the creator of life in my womb, bringing up a human soul in this world by my nurturing hands, unconditional love & care. I believe in my multiple personalities. I can be helpless, quivering, and vulnerable on one hand, and on the other, I can be strong, dependable, enterprising, or can support a family and a society too. I am a multi-tasker essaying in different roles, of a Mother, daughter, daughter-in-law, wife, friend, counselor, teacher, sports person, pilot, caregiver, nurse, cook, actor, working 9-5 jobs, facing shrewd competitions in the corporate world, trying to hold my ground below my feet firmly &, also to engage into my passion and profession to develop my identity and image in society as an entrepreneur, trying to bring it all altogether in perfection.

Going and growing through all these over the years, emerging out from pre-built stereotypic boxes, I am improvising to build my self-worth with a finer sense of wisdom, knowledge, endurance, and perseverance. Mistakes, failures, humiliations, frustration & rejection are part of progress and growth. No one has achieved anything worthwhile without facing these five. I am overcoming all those things that are meant to destroy my esteem. I might cry to the drop of a hat watching a movie or reading fiction, but come the time I can stand tall and rise like a phoenix. I can be rebellious & focused, once if I feel I can achieve, and next, I can put my ambitions on the back burner, if my family needs me, without regret or complaint. I am confident and emotionally self-aware & I know I have a lot to offer & anticipate. I can connect and inspire other women by being supportive, compassionate & friendly.

Do I need to be tested or to take permission every time & wait for someone else to come and speak for me?

I have self-worth because I think:

  • I know how to take care of things and I am working hard to figure it all out every time.
  • The "scared child‟ is still there in me, but still, things need to be done my way, for me.
  • I accept reality and communicate effectively with it.
  • I can validate another person ‟s perspectives and feelings because for me, passion matters.
  • I can also maintain healthy boundaries, and present my facts, without trying to convince others.
  • I can lift and hold others by finding confidence in imperfections and being a Woman, all I need is to live in a place where my ability to succeed & live happily should be a basic human right, and not based on gender or geography.
“When a woman is loved correctly, she becomes ten times the woman before”. I personally believe this quote always.

Couples who are on the same page regarding their life‟s priorities, compatibility, and finances will usually find it easier going. We need each other to complement socially, physically, emotionally & spiritually to grow, but again that differs from person to person. Sharing life will be easier as we women progress through life at the same tempo because when our relationship is firing on all cylinders, it helps keep us more resilient and better. Why give certain „labels‟ among us and complain, or blame the situation or the other person later? We, women, are educating ourselves today, coming out of the ages long to subjugate society, and we can use our intellect, logic, and relevant EQ & IQs to rationalize the situation, or person, without letting ourselves be controlled. 

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